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The Focus Course – Shawn Blanc Download. But good news! The internet is jam-packed with all sorts of advice for how to shave 7.5 seconds off your email rou…


The-Focus-Course-Shawn-Blanc The Focus Course - Shawn BlancBut good news! The internet is jam-packed with all sorts of advice for how to shave 7.5 seconds off your email routine by doing this one weird trick. (Ugh.)

The Focus Course by Shawn Blanc,
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When you lack focus and clarity, it’s a challenge to stay on track and do the things that matter most.

But good news! The internet is jam-packed with all sorts of advice for how to shave 7.5 seconds off your email routine by doing this one weird trick. (Ugh.)

Unfortunately, as you can see, most productivity advice focuses on the wrong things. Let’s fix that…

You see, discussions around time management and productivity often center on how to get more done in less time. And while that’s neat, it’s not the epitome of productivity (by any means).

Efficiency has been wrongly elevated as the single most-important trait in being productive. This is a problem, because when you measure success by the quantity of things you can get done then you will never win. There are always more new things to get done…

Moreover, despite this feast of “productivity advice” and the overwhelming emphasis on being “efficient”, good people everywhere are still trying to wrap up their week without feeling overwhelmed at life and pissed-off at their task list.


…in a good way.

First, the bad news… When you lack focus in one area of your life then it bleeds over into all the other areas, too. Making it difficult to find clarity or gain traction in anything at all.

But, conversely, when you get focused in one area, then it leads the way for the next. As you bring one thing into alignment then you’ll find a momentum and an ease for the next thing, and the next, and so on.

You Are Here

If you’re breathing then you probably have areas of your life that are not getting the attention they deserve. And no doubt there are certain areas which dominate your time and energy (perhaps, unfortunately, to the detriment of others).

When you’re unable to give time to the things that matter most, it’s frustrating.

You may think the solution is to find more time. But if you’ve ever tried to squeeze in more time just to try and get ahead of that never ending task list, then you probably know that it’s an un-winnable game (yet so many people play it anyway).

You don’t need more time…

You need more focus.


How to spot someone who is not focused versus someone who is.

When you’re over toward the left on the “un-focused” side of things, you don’t feel in control. It’s stressful. You don’t feel like there is any breathing room. And you’re so frequently responding to the urgent issues of others that you lack any clear plan forward.

However, when you are on the “focused” side, you are very much in control. You have clear goals and you have the time and energy you need to meet those goals. You are far less stressed and anxious than your reactive counterpart. You’re thriving.

When was the last time you had an hour of uninterrupted, focused work time?

  • How long have you been trying to gain traction on your projects?
  • How many hours of your day are you spending on things that truly matter?
  • Are your relationships strained because of work or side projects?
  • When was the last time you had the chance to truly rest and recharge?

Consider how liberating it will be when you have clarity about your life’s vision, values, and goals — when your short-term projects are moving you toward your big goals.

You can get more organized and back in control. For you, it may not be a crisis right now. But even a little but of friction in your day can wear on you over time.

A lack of control and no clear focus may already be costing you far more than you know.



Living a focused life should be your normal lifestyle. But sadly, most people consider it a pipe dream or a luxury.

Imagine being so focused at work that you’re able to clock out at the end of the day and not bring work home with you in the evenings or on the weekends. What would you do with all that time?

Wouldn’t it be awesome to have breathing room in your day so you could rest and recharge? Imagine how much of a positive impact that would have on your work and family life.

Heck, it’d be great to just routinely finish what you start.

Aren’t you tired of reading about productivity and focus without seeing real change in your life?

Sadly, for most people, a life of focus and margin is little more than a distant wish long forgotten.

Most people bring work home with them. They do not make progress on their goals. They do not finish what they start. And they do not feel in control of their schedule and their time.

But not you…

The Focus Course is a guided, online video course that gives you the foundational components you need for living a focused life.

Instead of pitting work and personal life against one another, you will learn how to do your best work without sacrificing anything between your work and personal life.

You will be able to get maximum clarity in every area of your life, and then bring those areas into alignment. (In other words, the very definition of focus.)

Learn by Doing
What sets the Focus Course apart is its action-centric approach. You will learn a ton of theory and wisdom that’s surrounded by action. Through each day’s actions you’ll take the wisdom from the course and apply in your everyday life.

After signing up for the Focus Course, you will get instant access to all the material. The Focus Course paces you in such a way as to make things fun and simple for you. The whole process is guided — all you need to do is show up and watch that day’s video, which is only a couple of minutes long. Believe it or not, The Focus Course takes just 15 minutes or less per day.

Because you get lifetime access, there is no pressure to stick to a timeframe. The website keeps track of your progress for you so you can start when you’re ready and move at your own pace.

After completing the course, you will have: a vision for your life; clear goals for the areas of your life; more control of your time each day and an ability to keep things in a healthy balance; the tools you need to make progress over the long run and not fizzle out.


What’s Inside The Course

  • 47 teaching videos that accompany every single day of the course and every Module introduction.
  • 1 Module One: Foundations

    Days 1-7 focus on personal integrity, creative imagination, progress, reducing distractions, building social support, generosity, and simplifying.

  • 2 Module Two: Honesty

    Days 8-17 focus on who you are and what’s important to you; roles, values, vision, legacy, short- and long-term goals, and how to realistically move toward them.

  • 3 Module Three: Clarity

    Days 18-28 focus on how you’re currently spending your time and energy, what your potential is, and how to apply change and begin making progress.

  • 4 Module Four: Action (and Resistance)

    Days 29-34 focus on the most common areas of resistance and how to overcome them.

  • 5 Module Five: Meaning

    Days 35-40 focus on joy, fear, meaningful work, finding flow, margin for thought, and community.

  • 6 Day 41: Conclusion

    This wrap-up day will help you take your new ideas, understanding, and life changes and maintain them for the long-run. I also share advice on how to stay motivated and keep making forward progress after the course is over, and doing work that matters.


Even when you’re short on time and energy.

Are there areas of your life that don’t get the attention you want them to? Of course there are. And it’s easy to get stressed out about it.

When our actions and behaviors don’t line up with our vision and values, it can cause stress and frustration. We feel tension when we find ourselves spending time on things we don’t really want to be doing, yet we feel helpless to do anything else.

You know what’s awesome? When your actions and behaviors align with your vision and values.

There’s a huge misconception that says you should be giving your full attention to every area of your life. Well, if you’ve ever tried, you know it’s just not possible.

There is no way you can deploy your full attention to your health, your relationships, your finances, your career, your personal hobbies, and your inner personal life all at the same time.

You and I only have enough mental and emotional strength to focus on just one, maybe two areas of our life at a time. Like really focus on them. The other areas simply can’t get our full attention.

And but so, what do you do with those other areas of your life? You certainly don’t want to leave them out in the cold — you can’t just ignore them.

The secret is in a little thing called routine.

By establishing healthy habits and routines for every area of your life, then you’re able to keep them on track even without giving them your full attention.

It’s a way to keep all of your life on track and in balance, no matter the season. It’s a way to ensure you’re not giving an unhealthy amount of time to one area at the detriment to the other areas of your life.


Your artisanal to-do list app is not the problem. Well, maybe.

Think about some of the most accomplished and successful people you know.

Not in terms of the most well-off or well-known. I mean, who are the people you look up to as mentors and role models? Who do you know that has it all together?

Do you notice how they always know what’s next for them? They’ve got something they’re working towards, and they always seem to get things done.

They have a confidence and motivation that is more than just a personality type. Because it’s a confidence based on focus and clarity. They have a direction and know how to get there.

Good news! Diligence and focus are not a personality type. Focus is a skill you can learn (and continually improve).

And that’s exactly what I teach you in The Focus Course. You will walk away with the ability to focus on the areas of life that matter most to you, while still maintaining a healthy balance in the others. This is how the most successful people maintain breathing room in their daily life while also being so prolific and productive.


Look. There is so much knowledge and advice out there. There is no shortage of information.

The shortage is with implementation and application.

It is difficult to go through all the best books, blog posts, think pieces, and podcasts and then dig out the main ideas and apply them to your life.

Don’t waste your time trying to be this person:

The easiest (and fastest) path forward is to be guided.

This is what the world’s best performers do. They don’t get coaching because they’re too lazy or stupid to figure it out on their own… The exact opposite — they get guidance because they have better things to do with their time; they are hungry to excel in life.

The Focus Course is the fastest path forward for you. I will guide you through all the steps you need to take and be shown how it all fits together in your life.

You can get a clear head amidst the craziness. You can thrive in the midst of the tensions of life. But the answer is not in a methodology, system, or app.

To spend your time creating meaningful work goes far beyond white-knuckle focus or ripping your internet cable out of the wall.

You don’t have to solve the tensions of life before you can create something of value. Meaningful productivity means consistently giving your time and attention to the things which are most important.

You can do work that matters, build momentum in your personal integrity, establish habits that stick, bring a healthy balance between your work and personal life, and re-define what you think of when you say productivity. Learn about your own lifestyle, the way you work, what your values are, and more.


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