ACTIVATE 2017: EBA Live Conference Video (Main Event + Workshop)

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The third phase in our EBA framework is to monetize your platform. This is where blogging starts to get really fun, because it is where all the hard



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The third phase in our EBA framework is to monetize your platform. This is where blogging starts to get really fun, because it is where all the hard

ACTIVATE 2017: EBA Live Conference Video (Main Event + Workshop) course with special price just for you$367  $62

ACTIVATE 2017: EBA Live Conference Video (Main Event + Workshop)

ACTIVATE 2017: EBA Live Conference Video (Main Event + Workshop)

ACTIVATE 2017 was a life-changing experience for all who attended, one where attendees walked away from our 2-day workshop with a fully completed, working action plan that they could begin applying immediately. It was a fully immersive experience that brought more clarity, purpose, and direction to their blogging journeys than they ever thought possible.
And it can do the same for you too.
Our ACTIVATE: EBA Live Conference Video package includes videos of every single presentation during this life-changing 2-day event.  From refining your message and creating content that resonates to growing your audience, monetizing your platform, and building your business, you’ll walk away with a working action plan for what to do next…all from the comfort of your own home.


“A BIG thank you to everyone who made ACTIVATE possible! I came to the conference with 100 things on my to-do list and I’m leaving with 5 things on my list. I now know the direction that I need to go over the next year and where my focus needs to be.  Can’t wait to see everyone next year!”
– Ehrica Buss-Dorsey
Our powerful, game-changing framework is simple, but designed to get you the massive results you are looking for, in less time, with far less frustration than if you tried to do it on your own. During this 2-day intensive, you’ll spend your time diving in to our most important concepts in order to create a comprehensive action plan that you can begin applying right away.
The first phase of creating a successful, profitable blog is to refine your message –not just what you say, but how you want your readers to feel when they come to your site. We’ll show you exactly how refine this message of yours, until every single person who comes across your blog can tell at a glance what you are all about, and, more importantly, what they have to gain by being there.

Overcome your limiting beliefs about what is actually possible when it comes to creating a successful, profitable blogging business.
Laser focus on your avatar and his or her unique needs and get the insight you need to create content that resonates.
Master the art of writing content that resonates with one simple technique.

The second phase in our EBA framework is to grow your audience. Finding people to actually read your blog can sometimes feel like a daunting prospect, but it doesn’t have to be. At ACTIVATE we’ll provide you with an armory of proven, detailed strategies for how to get your message heard and shared. You’ll never feel unsure of how to get more traffic again.

Craft an elevator pitch that captures the essence of who you are and what you are about in 30 words or less.
Effectively grow your traffic and expand your reach by narrowing your focus to the 3 activities that will make the biggest impact.
Learn the secret to effectively managing multiple social media channels.

Get ACTIVATE 2017: EBA Live Conference Video (Main Event + Workshop) download

The third phase in our EBA framework is to monetize your platform. This is  where blogging starts to get really fun, because it is where all the hard work you have put in starts to really pay off and multiply. But believe it or not, not all income streams are created equal, and at ACTIVATE you’ll learn exactly where to focus your efforts in order to maximize your bottom line and skyrocket your profits.

Dramatically increase your income overnight with one painless tweak.
Better leverage your platform by focusing on more powerful monetization strategies that require fewer page views
Destroy your fear of sales and marketing and instead learn how to confidently share your message and your products with the world.

The fourth and final phase of creating a successful, profitable blog is to build your business. This is the point where you realize that you are not just a blogger, but an entrepreneur, and this is also the point at which you can really take off and begin to find massive success. ACTIVATE will show you how to work smarter, not harder, and how to build momentum that keeps you going long after you’ve completed your course work.

Learn how to do less but earn more, so that you can actually ENJOY your time blogging (and still have a life)
Securely protect your intellectual property and trademarks in order to keep your business safe.
Turn your weaknesses into strengths by building a stellar support team to take your business to the next level.

“This weekend was life changing for me. I went to this conference as a blogger who wanted to make money. I came home as a business woman who has a blog as part of her platform. The value of what we got was so much more than what we paid.”
– Karen Edmonson Bemmes

Our Pre-Conference Workshop took a deep dive into the biggest secrets of creating the perfect product for your audience, as well as planning and executing a successful product launch.

Here is just a small taste of what you’ll learn:

Explore the most viable (and profitable) options for creating stellar products that actually convert.
Take an honest look at what it actually takes to take a product from idea to deliverable, and develop your outline for making it happen.
Create an effective launch timeline that delivers your message with the maximum impact.
Learn how to grow and prime your list of prospective customers so that they can’t wait to buy.
Perfect the art of sales without selling through stellar copy that speaks directly to the heart and mind of your customer.
Convert your prospects into paying customers through proven strategies that actually make them like you more, not less.
Learn how to set up a powerful sales funnel that makes money while you sleep.

At ACTVATE, you’ll get the inside scoop from industry leaders who are not only teaching the concepts we teach, but actually using them every single day.
Ruth Soukup is a blogger, entrepreneur, product creator, and the successful founder of the wildly successful blog, Living Well Spending Less. Since first launching in 2010, LWSL has become one of the most popular and profitable lifestyle blogs on the net, receiving more than a million visitors a month. Her blog has grown to include it’s own online retail shop, which is now recognized as a Shopify top performer, generating over 7-figures in sales in its very first year.
In 2014, Ruth founded Elite Blog Academy™ to teach professional bloggers–or those who aspired to be–her simple, step-by-step framework for creating a successful and profitable blogging business. She has since led more than 5,000 students to create their own successful blogs.
Ruth is also a New York Times bestselling author and the the creator of the Living Well Planner®. For more information about Ruth and her team, please read about our company HERE.
As the Director of Growth Management for Living Well Spending Less Inc., Jessica oversees all aspects of our company’s social media and publicity. She is a genius when it comes to developing powerful systems for managing every aspect of social media, and knows how to track and measure her results with precision. We are pretty sure her expertise is going to blow your mind (in the best way!)

Kim Anderson is a published author of the book: Live, Save, Spend, Repeat: The Life You Want with the Money You Have.  When Kim started blogging she knew she wanted to make enough money that her husband could ditch his stressful commute, quit his engineering job and stay at home. In just 4 years, Kim made that dream a reality because of blogging.
As the founder, Chief Growth Hacker, and Director of Partnerships at Amplify Publishing, Brian believes that an online course is the best way to amplify your impact and income online. He works with authors, speakers, and bloggers to create and launch their premiere online course.
Rosemarie Groner teaches how simple routines can transform a family’s finances on her blog, The Busy Budgeter that serves millions of readers every year. She achieved full time income from blogging in just 10 months, and has grown her blog into a business that supports not only her family but also her dreams. She credits Elite Blog Academy for her success in blogging.
As the founder of Simple Pin Media, Kate Ahl has a huge passion for helping bloggers and business owners grow their business using Pinterest. She aims to teach actionable, simple steps that help business owners move forward successfully instead of feeling overwhelmed. Her simple but powerful goal is to help everyone find a way to make Pinterest work for them.
Tasha Agruso blogs about affordable DIY projects and home decor at Designer Trapped in a Lawyer’s Body. But she’s no longer trapped in a lawyer’s body! She has retired from the private practice of law to blog full-time and has been able to more than replace her former income. She is passionate about helping other bloggers reach their dreams since she’s proof it can be done!
As a Senior Partner at Peretz, Chesal, and Herrman, Michael Chesal specializes in Intellectual Property and Trademark Law. His firm has been repeatedly identified by US News & World Reports as one of the top law firms in the country, and Michael has been twice named Lawyer of the Year for Intellectual Property Litigation and Trademark Law. He will be sharing his expertise in how to protect your brand.
JoAnn Crohn is the successful blogger behind, where she helps moms raise kids and stay sane. After spending four years in the television industry and five years as an elementary school teacher, she now uses her skills from both worlds to help women dress well and keep their cool while parenting. She lives in Phoenix, Arizona with her husband and two adorable kids.
I am a CPA turned SAHM to 3 little boogers. I love playdates, backyard BBQs & good coffee. When I’m not playing with my kids, you’ll find me creating printables or writing on about family finances, holidays, fitness or ways to make extra money so you can be a stay-at-home-mom. I have a true passion for helping moms grow their blogs into full time incomes.
“This weekend has been AWESOME…words cannot describe how glad I am that I did it scared and went to ACTIVATE!! The speakers were amazing, I’ve learnt so much, met some incredible people and made some fab new friends.  I can’t tell you how much it has helped me knock down more than a few limiting beliefs! My mind is buzzing with all the things I want to implement and I finally feel like I’ve found my people!! I might not have unpacked yet but I have just bought my ticket to ACTIVATE 2018…see you all next year in Orlando!! Wahoo!!!
– Sarah Dew
This is a question that comes up a lot, but the reality is that if you are waiting to be ready, you will be waiting a very long time. Part of being in business is learning to live with the feeling that you are never quite ready for whatever comes next. You’ve never fully arrived. There is always more more growing to do, and new risks to take.
All that to say, no matter where you are at in your blog or your business right now, you are ready.
If your blog is still an idea in your head, ACTIVATE will help you gain clarity and insight, get you motivated and excited, and give you a working plan to finally get started. If you’ve been blogging for a while but struggling to gain momentum, ACTIVATE will show you exactly where you are getting stuck and exactly what you need to do next to get un-stuck. If you are already killing it with your blog, ACTIVATE will show you new possibilities you’ve probably never even considered before, and help catapult you to a whole new level of success.
No matter where you are at right now, whether you have a blog or online business, or are just thinking about starting one, you will leave ACTIVATE completely fired up, excited about the future, and with a plan in hand for how to make it happen. If you didn’t feel ready before you experience ACTIVATE, you will feel more than ready by the time you are done.
The Preconference Workshop on creating and launching your perfect product will take a deep dive into exactly what it takes to plan and execute a successful product launch. If you feel like you understand the basics of blogging and are now ready to focus on monetization in BIG way, this workshop is right for you. We’ll cover which products are the most profitable, how to create them, and most importantly, how to actually SELL your product and generate income.
There is nothing worse than attending a conference–whether live or virtually–and feeling like you haven’t actually gathered any practical takeaways that you can apply to your blog and business right away. Either the material covered was so basic you didn’t learn anything, or you left with so many different ideas that you felt paralyzed with what to do first.
At ACTIVATE, we were determined not to let that happen. The entire event is designed to be cohesive, practical, and—most importantly—actionable from start to finish. And every single session included at least one “ring the bell” takeaway, where you say “THAT was worth watching.” Our goal was not to give you MORE information, but to give you the RIGHT information. No fluff, no filler, just the golden nuggets you need to know to create massive success for your blog or online business.
We took all the concepts we teach at Elite Blog Academy a step deeper, so that you can have more clarity in your blogging journey, and a clear plan for moving forward. You’ll not only understand what you need to do, but also what you need to STOP doing so that every action you take is purposeful and worthwhile. Best of all, your action plan will be recorded in your very own downloadable ACTIVATE Workbook. Every single session will help you work your way through the workbook and show you how to apply what you are learning on stage to your own blogging business.
If you’d like to see the entire schedule for the main event, as well as who presented each session, you can check out our conference agenda HERE.
Your username and password will be emailed within 10 minutes of your purchase, and will come directly from Ruth Soukup.  Please check your spam and promotions folders.  If you don’t see it, or there is a problem with your order, please feel free to reach out to us at [email protected].
No. ACTIVATE is open to all bloggers, authors, and online business owners (or those who aspire to be), regardless of whether you are currently an active EBA student. If you are currently waiting to enroll in Elite Blog Academy, this is an amazing opportunity to get a jump start.
ACTIVATE 2018 will be held in Orlando, Florida at the Hilton Orlando Lake Buena Vista from September 13th-16th, 2018.

Tickets for next ACTIVATE 2018 are on sale now and going fast—we recommend booking your ticket as soon as possible, especially if you are interested in the workshop or VIP level tickets, as those are almost sold out already.  You can get more information about the event and purchase your tickets HERE.
All sales of the ACTIVATE conference videos are final.
“Such an amazing, inspiring weekend…I’ve learned so much, I met some amazing people and my To-Do list is now so focused! But I’m on it, I’m doing it scared and I shall be doing it this time next year too…I’ve bought my ticket!”

Get ACTIVATE 2017: EBA Live Conference Video (Main Event + Workshop) download

ACTIVATE 2017|ACTIVATE 2017: EBA Live Conference Video (Main Event + Workshop)|EBA Live Conference Video (Main Event + Workshop)

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