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Coach Right – Michael Breen Download. And How One Maverick Coach Is Having Amazing Success Teaching A Brilliant NEW Coaching System That Coaches Love… Be…


Coach-Right-E28093-Michael-Breen Coach Right - Michael BreenAnd How One Maverick Coach Is Having Amazing Success Teaching A Brilliant NEW Coaching System That Coaches Love… Because It Has Them Doing Less, While Earning More… 

Coach Right by Michael Breen,
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A HUGE DISRUPTION For Coaches Everywhere Is Coming… 

“Why Life Coaches Could Soon Be Replaced By AI, In The Next BIG WAVE of The Coaching Revolution” 

And How One Maverick Coach Is Having Amazing Success Teaching A Brilliant NEW Coaching System That Coaches Love… Because It Has Them Doing Less, While Earning More… 

(And Propels Them FAR Ahead Of The Competition… ) 

Dear Forward Thinking Coach,

The coaching industry is undergoing tremendous change.

Right now technology companies are developing Artificial Intelligence (AI) coaches that are set to disrupt coaching in a major way within a few short years.


… if you’re reading this letter, you’re one of the lucky few who is getting an early heads up…

… and can be ready to prosper when the next big wave of disruption hits the coaching industry. 

“The Era of AI Coaching is Coming”Are You Prepared?

Coaching is in the early stages of a technology revolution.

One that could see many coaches replaced by Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications and always on 24×7 virtual coaches that literally are just a touch or voice request away.

But I’m jumping ahead.

Let’s look at where coaching has come from to see where coaching is going.

In a few short years our industry has come very far.

Think about it.

Go back a decade and…

… life coaching was seen as a fad by many.

The world’s biggest search engine – Google, showed the public had real concerns about the legitimacy of coaching.

Many bloggers and journalists were critical about life coaching and the ‘wash’ of people offering to life coach others, where they had very little experience of life themselves, yet promised to coach away any kind of problem.

If we’re frank, life coaching had a bit of a bad name.

People didn’t want to talk openly, for fear they’d be laughed at or ridiculed.

The NYT summed it up with:

“… having a coach was sort of a dirty little secret — you kept it to yourself.” 

– New York Times 

Then came the horror stories.

Poorly trained life coaches taking on clients that were in need of therapy not coaching. Disaster followed.

Sleazy sales people smelt an opportunity and started selling ‘certified coaching’ courses to anyone willing to pay … only to offer very poor training with zero education on how to get clients.

Various groups started calling for regulation of the coaching industry.

Then seemingly out of no-where, three trends took hold that would change the face of coaching forever, elevate it in to the mainstream awareness and pave the way for the ‘AI coach’…

Three Major Trends That Are Catapulting Coaching In To The Mainstream

(And Paved The Way For The AI Coach) 

Every story has a beginning and if we were to drop a pin, a good place to start the story of how life coaching made the move from unknown to mainstream would be with the economic crash of 2007.

Three trends took hold…

Trend #1: Workplace Disruption

The Economic Crash of 2007 disrupted the global workplace. We all felt it.

The crash meant many individuals facing unemployment decided to become life or executive coaches and many people unsure about their next steps needed life coaching!

Ever since then the workforce continues to be disrupted. There has been a huge rise in the ‘gig economy’. Work has radically changed and continues to change.

According to Forbes, by 2020 it’s estimated that 50% of the workforce will be self-employed.

That’s a whole lot of people going on a journey they are currently unprepared for.

People who will be going through multiple transitions they aren’t even aware of yet.

What is driving this change – is pattern #2.

Trend #2: Technology Disruption

Technology is driving innovation and innovation is accelerating change.

Today, change is all around us and changes are coming faster than ever.

From the tablets to smartphones to Facebook, Google, Uber to self-driving cars, genetic engineering and drone deliveries to your home – it seems a heck of a lot has happened in the past decade. 

What’s for sure is much more change is yet to come.

What we all take for granted today, won’t be the same in five years from now.

Work will have changed.

Technology will have changed.

And coaching will have taken a leap forward – in fact; it’s already begun.

(More on this shortly)

Everywhere you look, we are living through a time of incredible innovation and increasingly automation.

And automation and innovation are bringing profound change.

That’s a good thing for coaches.

Because change brings uncertainty and when people feel uncertain they look to others for help and guidance.

That’s where coaches can help.

Great coaches are skilled at helping people move through the transition generated by change, and excel at helping clients catalyse their resources to achieve their dreams and goals.

It’s a skill more and more employers want as you’ll discover shortly.

And the interesting thing is: the rate of change is no longer constant.

According to researchers the rate of change is accelerating. This has big implications for us all. As you’ll about to learn shortly, technology and digital innovation is driving a revolution in coaching.

Unlike any other we’ve seen before.

But first we need to understand why.

And to do that we need to follow the money.

Or to know more about the big financial drivers behind the next wave of coaching…

It all began when…

Trend #3: Business Leaders Started To Want Coaching (To Help Cope With Accelerating Changes & To Drive Organisational Performance)

With technology and digital disruption and innovation here to stay – entire industries are being turned upside down. And leaders know it.

No industry is safe.

To help handle the change, more and more leaders started to hire executive coaches… on the quiet to begin with.

You see, executive coaching once carried a stigma.

Now, it’s viewed as a perk, a sign of having arrived at the top.

And to cope with the never-ending changes, more and more leaders turned to coaching as a means to create high performance teams.

Companies began to offer coaching for entire teams.

This lead to the rise of the ‘team coach’.

Everyone seemed to be getting in on the coach phenomena, and the scepticism about the industry began to quickly change.

News articles started to show up talking up the ‘Secret Weapon’ of billion dollar CEO’s.

(Their coaches)

All of a sudden coaching in business was embraced. Not just because it felt good, or looked good – but because it makes strong economical sense too. 

For example, a global survey of coaching clients by PriceWaterhouseCoopers concluded that the mean ROI for companies investing in coaching was seven times that of the initial investment.

Companieslike those kind of returns

Decision-makers, including Bill Gates, have embraced coaching as a powerful tool to create ‘high performance’ cultures in their organisations.

Word spread.


Other CEOs wanted to get coaching for themselves and their teams.

By this stage the questions about coaching had changed from:

“Is life coaching a real thing” and “should it be regulated?” to “Does coaching provide a good return on investment?” to

Who does your coaching?”

Even Harvard University established a school of coaching, through it’s Institute of Coaching, while Forbes formed the Forbes Coaching Council.

Coaching has suddenly became the in-skill that people and companies want.

And it’s my belief that…

Coaching Is About To Explode 

We’re still in the early stages of mainstream uptake of coaching.

The nah-sayers are done.

A decade on, coaching is now legit and is only going ONE way; Up.

The intersection of workplace, technology and business disruption has changed the face of coaching forever.

But the changes that have elevated and transformed coaching aren’t done.

There is a new kind of coach that might just dominate the coaching industry.

And you haven’t competed with this type of coach before.

It’s going to change things all over again.

Neither life or executive coaches will be cocooned from the impact, that this new category of coach will bring.

It’s a coach that will cost less, learn faster, and do more.

And big names like Google, Facebook, Apple and Amazon have invested BILLIONS in the underlying technology that is at the heart of the this new breed of Coach…

… Artificial Intelligence.

In the next 24 months the coaching industry will see… 

The Rise Of The Automated Coach(The Greatest Opportunity or Threat to Your Career?) 

Ever heard of Siri, Cortana, Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa?

Course you have.

They are all examples of artificial intelligence applications (also know as AI chatbots) that are used by millions everyday and are getting better all the time.

Just last month Google demonstrated an update to Google Assistant.

Did you see it?

In the demo, Google Assistant called a restaurant and a hairdresser and booked a table and an appointment, without the human on the other end of the line ever knowing they were speaking to an algorithm! 

And it worked flawlessly. 

That’s how fast and good AI is becoming.

Microsoft has already got AI that’s as good as humans at listening… on the phone.

But what has Siri, Cortona and Alexa got to do with coaching you ask? 


  • People have problems.
  • People have goals.
  • People need help changing.

Big companies like Google, Facebook and Microsoft need to come up with new and better ways to capture and harness people’s attention and direct it to their platforms.

Because in todays’ world:

Attention = Value.

What better way to keep and guarantee people’s attention on their platform, than to provide FREE COACHING, ON DEMAND – from a smart AI Coach, available to every man, woman and child, anywhere.

The ones that do this best, will have built a very powerful reason to stay with a specific platform.

In the beginning these ‘automated coaches’ will focus on self-coaching.

They’ll listen, not judge, ask good questions, curate resources and be available 24 hours a day.

And do it for free.

How will YOU compete with that? 

This type of shakeup is already on it’s way.

Once it lands, ‘overnight’ we can expect three things:

1. Coaching Will Go Mainstream.

Many more people will be exposed to a coaching dialogue through an AI app than was ever possible before, moving coaching in to the mainstream, beyond the current 17% market awareness that the International Coaching Ferderation (ICF) has previously reported.

2. Many Coaches Will Be Replaced.

In the AI age “Being a Good Coach” won’t be enough

Many coaches will struggle to compete against ‘free’ and won’t be able to stay relevant. Ultimately many coaches will be pushed out of the industry or replaced by AI coaches.

3. Forward thinking coaches (and coaching organisations) will prosper.

They’ll ride the wave of opportunity and up-skill themselves to stay relevant, charge more and use AI tools to augment their coaching offerings as more people enter the market and more companies seek to roll out company wide coaching.

This is an alarm and opportunity worth listening to.

But things are moving FAST.

Don’t take my word for it.

Look to the ICF:

The International Coaching Federation, a non-profit organisation dedicated to professional coaching with over 30,000 members.

In April the ICF held their first ever forum for Artificial Intelligence and Coaching in Paris.

Among the key insights they shared was:

“The Future of Coaching is AI”

And industry:

Major tech companies have invested billions in AI and as you’re about to learn there is a host of startups working on AI Coaching apps.

And leading universities:

MIT, Stanford and University of Cambridge have all been involved with AI based coaching apps.

Even Tony Robbins recently invested in an AI Company.

“There’s An AI Coach For That” 

Think about it.

Facing a difficult conversation with a colleague?

Need to figure out how to motivate an underperforming team?

Need to get clarity on the next big move for your life?

Want to lose weight?

There are problems experienced by millions of people everyday.

And very soon, there will be an AI coach to help with them.

(And every other coaching request)

Available on your smartphone.

Embedded in to your chat messaging apps. 

Accessible at a moments notice, to provide feedback, coaching and help.

And many will be FREE!

And used extensively by everyday people and across entire business organisations.

Major corporations (Walmart, Citi, GE) and Venture Capital firms are already using and funding the new wave of coaching AI applications.

But it’s not all bad news, because… 

The Coaching Field is WIDE OPEN (For Coaches Who Can Do This

As I highlighted earlier, coaching is about to go truly mainstream and be used by more people than ever before.


… a lot of coaches will be left behind.

The AI Coach is coming soon and will have a huge impact.

However it’s not all bad news because the field of coaching is wide open – for those who can get RESULTS for their clients.

But not by looking and sounding like every other coach or AI robot!

You see most coaching schools teach the ‘theory’ of coaching and give a prescriptive set of coaching tools like ‘wheel of life’ framework and basic coaching questions which anyone and everyone uses.

(Not unlike what a first generation AI coach will do.)

Using the same approach everyone else is using isn’t going to help you stand out or stay relevant.

Especially if you are competing against FREE and 24×7, ‘a coach in your clients pocket’ that can learn faster than you, is supported by a TEAM of bright engineers and mentor coaches, and will be available anytime the client wants.

Nor is using the same coaching tools and techniques going to help against the ever increasing numbers of people who are churning through the big coaching schools every day.

Your coaching needs to go to the NEXT LEVEL 

To Get To The Next Level You’ve Got To Go Beyond Traditional Coaching Models 

That’s what One Maverick Coach – Master Coach Michael Breen has been working on.

You see as a coach, manager, or aspiring coach to be – you know that coaching is about unlocking people’s potential.

But more than unlocking potential – if you want to stay relevant and be valued by clients in today’s highly competitive coaching world, a world soon to see an influx of free automated and always on AI coaches…

… you must be able to create measurable RESULTS.

And create MORE VALUE for your clients than the competition.

Most coaching programs today have you follow a fixed procedure and it’s your job as a coach, to fit their coaching models onto the coachees problem or desire!

For the most part, the traditional approach seems to be that it doesn’t matter what worldview or challenges a client brings to a situation – traditional approaches have a perspective “do it our way”, use ABC tool approach.

An approach that must be easy to duplicate and limited in its usefulness if it is to be taught to tens of thousands of coaches.

An approach that looks and sounds like every other coach, that learns those prescriptive frameworks.

What’s been missing up until now, is a model that goes beyond coaching techniques and tools to one that focuses on the actual functions of coaching – what is happening when coaching is working well.

The patterns that underpin great coaching when it is occurring.

For the past several years Master Coach Michael Breen has been developing a NEW coaching model.

It’s not like any coaching model you have seen before.

It’s called the ADVISORS PLANS model

… and for the first time ever you can learn a better way to coach from the comfort of your own home inside our BRAND NEW program – Coach Right. 


Created by Master Coach Michael Breen, Coach Right gives you an ALL NEW professional coaching system so that you can…

… coach like a pro and run professional coaching sessions with confidence (even if you’re NEW to coaching)

… get results for your clients in every session

… win more clients and stay relevant

while building a thriving professional practice.

Coach Right ensures that you know what to do and when to do it even if you’re a novice coach.

In this program you’ll learn a simple and effective coaching model that will get you started fast – it’s called ADVISORS PLANS and students love it for its simplicity and effectiveness.

If you’re just starting out, Coach Right will show you a step-by-step process for “starting strong” and running professional sessions.

You’ll discover the 6 stages to delivering great coaching and learn how to do what you LOVE better than you ever have…

… in a way that clients love the results and the experience too.

If you’re already a coach, Coach Right offers the opportunity to take a look at how you coach in a whole new way, where small tweaks can lead to dramatically increasing your coaching skills and the RESULTS you can get for your clients.

If you’re a manager or leader looking to up your game; Coach Right gives you the tools to work effectively and elegantly by better coaching your people.

Coach Right is different to other coaching courses.

Rather than give you more fixed techniques and fixed ways of coaching people (which assumes everyone should be coached the same procedural way), you’ll learn to coach by the actual functions of coaching – not the ideas, styles or theories of coaching – but through what is happening when coaching is working well.

Finally, you’ll go beyond mere techniques of coaching to learning the functions, used by elite coaches to get results for clients in every session.

And now for the first time ever available to the public the recordings of Michael Breen’s two-day masterclass workshop are available.

The program starts with: Your Personal Transformation

The biggest difference you’ll have on your clients is the transformation work you do on yourself. If you want to become the best coach you can be, who consistently creates results for clients, you need to go to work on you!

You’ll Learn:

  • The surprising truth about your feelings that clients don’t know that you can use to help them recover emotional choice fast…
  • How to train yourself to discover possibilities beyond where you have been so you can have a whole different life! (Track 2 – 7:00)
  • The amazing occult insight about money and how to liberate yourself from the idea that you can’t make the money you’d like. (Track 08 – 7:00)
  • Michael’s killer question to help you quickly discover a version of yourself that is more able and capable than the person you are being right now so you can create the life you want. (Track 07 – 00:08)
  • Great question for getting distance on yourself when you feel stuck.
  • Simple process and 3 brilliant questions Michael recommends you ask that enables you to let go of the past, eliminate incompletes in your life and frees you up to arrange your resources to get more of what you truly want. Works great with clients too! (Track 06)
  • Why paying attention to your past dreams and fantasies can unlock powerful states and resources you had long forgotten but can recover in a moment.
  • Why and how you should vet your dreams, and help your clients do the same, so you don’t fall in to the ‘danger’ of getting what you say you want – but it doesn’t make you happy (extremely common and yet most coaches don’t know how to do this).
  • What Michael regards as the real demonstration of your learning that he looks for in himself, his clients and encourages you to look for in yourself that moves you light years ahead of most coaches once you do it. (Track 15 -17:55)
  • The mind-blowing insight about reality that top coaches know, that once you embody will transform your attitude to problems, limitations and feelings of any lack. (Track 09 – 2:00)
  • The one pattern Michael uses with clients that you can apply right away on your dreams and goals so you enjoy greater happiness and fulfillment today and drop goals that don’t serve you.
  • Why there is no such thing as ‘clean language’ or ‘no influence coaching’ once you realise one fundamental insight about language that most coaches miss.
  • Why as a coach you don’t have to be the one who knows… and what Michael suggests you do instead.
  • 4 questions to unblock feelings of stuckness in yourself or others.
  • Why you always want to be retraining your perpetual filters if you want to excel year after year. (Track 2 – 11:45)
  • Discover what a coach really does (it’s much bigger than what you’ve likely thought before).
  • 3 strategies for dealing with all the negative programming that is holding you back and was programmed in to you (do this and your life becomes far easier). (Track 09 – 08:00)
  • The #1 thing you MUST do if you coach high performers that makes you look amazing.
  • The secret about the secret that most coaches don’t know! (Understand this and manifesting things become much easier…)
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