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Consistent Income Class – David Ford Download. I just finished my all new 2019 Consistent Income Course and wanted to give you first crack at it. This is a…



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I just finished my all new 2019 Consistent Income Course and wanted to give you first crack at it. This is a completely new class that has never been taught before. You can be the very first to get this material!

Consistent Income Class by David Ford,
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I just finished my all new 2019 Consistent Income Course and wanted to give you first crack at it. This is a completely new class that has never been taught before. You can be the very first to get this material!

I’m offering something really unique with this course. Read on to get the details…

Who am I?

Most of you know me from the Aff Playbook forum, but for those that don’t or who just joined, I’ll share a short bio.

I started online marketing over a decade ago when I was sick of my day job and looking for a way to finally work for myself. It wasn’t too long before I was making enough money to quit my job and start living my dream of running my own business.

Over the last decade, I’ve:

  • Been the top (highest revenue generating) affiliate at several networks
  • Consulted affiliate networks and traffic sources to help them grow
  • Ran countless successful campaigns across the most popular traffic sources and niches
  • Personally coached thousands of affiliates
  • Built the Aff Playbook forum
  • Held multiple sold out private masterminds across the country

I love online marketing because it’s enabled me to live life on my terms. For me, that means owning a comfortable house in an upscale Northern California neighborhood. It means feeling secure and knowing the bills are getting paid. Maybe best of all, it means being able to take off whenever I feel like it, whether it’s for a nice day out of the office or a first-class European vacation. I’m not that concerned with turning life into an extended rap video, but who knows – maybe I’m saving that for the mid-life crisis. The point is that online marketing is full of opportunity and it’s been really good to me (and many, many others).

I also love teaching and mentoring others. It’s an awesome feeling when someone you’ve helped can totally transform their life!

The Idea Behind the Class

This is a completely new class that focuses on building a consistent income that grows month after month.

This class is unique in that it doesn’t focus only on affiliate marketing. It combines a number of ways to earn money so your income is diversified and doesn’t rely on just one source.

Affiliate marketing is awesome. You can earn a lot in a short time, but you need a decent budget to do paid traffic. Another option is to build a website and get organic (free) traffic. This can also earn a great money, but you need to put in a lot of time before you see a payoff.

This is the dilemma most people face. How do you earn money if you don’t have a big budget for paid traffic, but don’t want to wait months to build an organic site? This class bridges that gap.

This course is ideal if you want to:

Build multiple streams of income

Earn a great living without investing a lot of money in paid traffic

Not rely only on affiliate campaigns

Leverage simple strategies that are working right now

This course is not for you if…

You want to ‘get rich quick’

You think there is some trick to making money

You don’t want to take action

What’s the Class About?

In the class, you’ll learn to build projects that can provide stable income that grows month after month. Each project can be done on its own, but I’ll also be teaching countless ways to combine them.

I like projects that can be broken down into a system. Each project in this class has the following benefits:

A simple, straightforward project broken down into a system to follow.

There will be no guesswork involved. I’m going to teach you exactly what to do through actual examples.

The projects aren’t based around paid traffic, so you don’t need a large budget.

The projects can be scaled and outsourced.

You can incorporate things like building email lists into these projects to make even more from each visitor.

3 Core Projects

There are 3 core modules/projects in this class. One is taught each week through a live webinar with an open Q&A at the end of each session.

To keep the material as exclusive as possible, I’m not going to provide a detailed syllabus but I can describe generally what you’ll be doing. I’m doing this to keep the material as exclusive as possible to people who take the class.

I’m not just going to show you some Power Point slides. I’m going to show you actual examples of each project. You’ll get to see exactly what these projects look like in real life. This is a huge benefit of the class!

Below is a general description of each module. Please note that for every module, there are multiple ways to make money from it. Affiliate marketing is definitely one way, but we won’t be limited just to that. You’ll be surprised how many different ways you can make money from one project!

Module 1 – Content monetization and distribution

You’ll learn to take a piece of content, fully monetize it, and distribute it across a wide audience. You don’t even have to write the content if you don’t want! I’ll show you how to use content you write, or where to find existing content you can use for this.

You’ll learn how to squeeze the maximum income out of this. It’s not just a ‘slap a few affiliate links here and there’ type strategy. You’ll be earning multiple streams of income from this one project.

This project can be done without spending anything on it. You can drive even more traffic and revenue by using paid traffic too of course.

The really cool thing about this project is how it grows over time. Due to the way we leverage and distribute this content, it can generate income for years to come even if you stop working on it. Unlike running paid traffic, you can stop working on this for a while and it will still be generating income.

Just to be clear – this does NOT involve you writing original content.

Module 2 – The power of curated content curation

I started working with curated content a few years back. Since then, I’ve learned how to make it easier and more successful. I have several students who are making a very good income with these strategies alone.

I believe there is huge untapped potential in curated content. I also think it’s one of the best projects you can do that requires very little budget, and doesn’t rely on making any content of your own. Let that last part sink in – you don’t have to write any content yourself!

Curated content can take many forms. In simple terms, it’s collecting and using other people’s content. ‘Wait..I can make money using other people’s content? Is that even legal?’ I’m sure you’re thinking. The answer to both questions is an absolute YES! I’ll give you a very simple example:

I locate and collect some helpful information on a topic. I then distribute this content through email, a website, etc. to people who pay for the convenience of getting links to the articles they want without having to search the internet for hours. Would someone actually pay for that? Yep.

If you think this could only be a small side project, I have some good news for you. Content curation alone can make you rich. I’ll share a case study of a company worth over $50 million just from curating content! Of course to get to that level would require years of work, building a company, getting investors, etc.

My point is just to let you know there is serious money in content curation and you can really take it as far as you want.

I’m going to show you a number of ways you can leverage content curation to make money. I could go on and an on about this because I think it’s really exciting and I’ve had some excellent results, but I think you see the potential here.

Module 3 – Cash generating videos (without getting in front of the camera)

In 2016 an executive of Facebook stated “In five years time Facebook will be probably all video”. Crazy right? Based on what we’re seeing, things are definitely moving in that direction.

I’ve written before about how important video marketing is. More and more content is being consumed through video format on both desktop and mobile. Facebook is favoring video content in its newsfeed in an effort to compete with the giant know as YouTube. Speaking of Youtube – they are quickly overtaking every other way people watch video content, including cable TV.

So, how do you make money from video? Do you have to go full David Hasselhoff and get in front of the camera? Thankfully no! (although if you really want to, don’t let me stop you).

I’m going to show you how to create original videos without getting in front of the camera, or going out to film stuff.

You don’t need to know anything about video to do this. It’s not technical, and I’m going to guide you step by step. I’ll also show you how to curate videos to leverage even more content. You’ll learn different ways of monetizing videos, where to upload them, and how to maximize views.

The awesome thing about videos is that you have a massive audience (YouTube, etc.) you can distribute to for free. Unlike building a website and waiting for Google to rank your site to get traffic, your video is immediately live to YouTube’s 1.5+ billion (yes billion) visitors per month. I don’t know of any other medium where you can distribute content for free and have access to that large of an audience.

As I said before, these projects can be done as stand-alone projects but you can combine different techniques from each one. Once you understand the core concept behind each module, you can use them in an unlimited number of ways.

What else do you get?

What, you want more!? Ok, I can do that

It’s cool to take a class an learn new ways to make money, but what if you could see and copy real life examples? That’s exactly what you’ll get!

This is an absolutely invaluable part of the class. Not only will you be taught the techniques, you’ll get to see real world examples. You’ll get to learn everything I do to build and monetize these projects.

Here’s where it gets interesting…

I have a lot of projects. Too many in fact, and it no shortage of things I want to work on. I’ve decided to give away one of my projects to 3 lucky students.

These are projects I’ve done based on what I’m teaching you in this class. Each of them are already making money. That means, you’ll be handed a project that is already successfully monetized and you can grow it much further.

Why would I give away a profitable project? I’ve wanted to do something like this for a while. I always thought it would be cool to hand off a project to a student and have them go on to make it even more successful. It will give someone an awesome opportunity to take something that was successful, and run with it.

I’m not just going to give these projects away to anybody though. I want them to go to students who will use the opportunity and keep working on them. There will be some requirements to meet in order to be eligible.

Most people will be eligible to win one of the projects. I’m not going to make it very hard to qualify, but I do want you to engage with the class.

I’m pretty excited about this, and I hope you see what an amazing opportunity this is.

Another bonus…

You’ve probably gone through a course where you’re told to ‘outsource’ something, without learning exactly what that means. I want to change that.

As a special bonus, I’m going to give you 100% done for you outsourcing instructions. What does that mean?

It means I’m going to give you downloadable documents with specific instructions to hand off to your outsourced worker. Literally all you have to do is send them the instructions and say ‘do this’. There will be instructions for each of the projects taught in this course.

This is a HUGE time saver. Normally you would outsource the work, and spend hours and hours writing instructions or explaining what your worker should do.

These are instructions written by me, and are exactly what I give someone when I outsource these projects. I’ve hired enough people that I can confidently say these instructions will give you a HUGE advantage when hiring someone.

Again, this is literally all the instructions you would need to give someone to completely outsource every project in this course.

Ok, Ok…ONE more bonus. You twisted my arm…

If people will participate, I’ll be creating a private chat group open only to members of this class. You’ll be able to talk to other members, share tips, talk about what’s working, partner up, discuss the latest Game of Thrones (no spoilers!), etc. Networking is such a critical part of becoming successful, so I want students to get to know each other and have a mastermind group they can use to share knowledge, give and get help, and partner up.

Questions and Answers:

How much budget do I need? Do I need to spend money on any extra tools or services?

You could do every single project without spending any money. I’m serious – there is really nothing you absolutely have to spend money on to get these going. To get the most out of each project however, you’ll need a small budget for various things like domain names. You can also use paid traffic for each project, but it’s really not the focus of this course.

Will I make money and be profitable?

This is a really impossible to answer. Like any training I do, this is not a magic push button system. I know with 100% certainty that everything I teach in this class works, because I’m currently making money with each project. You will make money if you are willing to put in the work and stick with it. There are generally two types of students I see in my classes:

They take the class, and put in a little effort, but don’t see results as fast as they think they should so they lose interest and quit. These students usually have the idea they should be making money within a certain timeframe. If they aren’t, they usually don’t keep going.

These students take the class, learn the techniques behind each module, and stick with it until they are successful. A big reason these students succeed is that they aren’t focused on ‘when’ they will start making money, they instead focus on the fact they are going to make money at some point if they keep going.

So in summary, if you think ‘I should be making money within 3 weeks’, then get disappointed if you aren’t and stop putting in as much effort you probably won’t be successful. If you think ‘I know I’ll make money with these techniques if I keep at it’, you will.

Is this for beginners or advanced markers?

This class is open to any level. The projects aren’t very technical, so they are completely appropriate for beginners. They do have the potential to earn considerable money, so it’s also appropriate for experienced marketers looking to build new income streams. This is a unique class where I teach simple techniques that have the potential to earn great money and build stable income.

Do I get lifetime access to the material?

Absolutely! You’ll have an exclusive members area you can access the material anytime.

What time will be webinars be?

The time hasn’t been set, but they will be sometime during my normal waking hours (Pacific time). It’s not totally essential that you attend the webinars. They will of course be recorded and posted right away, and you will have the opportunity to ask me questions in the members area.

Details and Registration

This class is limited to a very small number of people.

The class will begin Tuesday March 19th. You will have 1 webinar each week for 3 weeks. I’m doing it this way because I want you to get each project up and going before we start the next one

The cost of the class is $697 which includes:

3 weeks of live webinars with extended Q&A sessions

My complete instructions to outsource every project in the class

Lifetime access to the recordings

Lifetime access to the exclusive members discussion area where you can ask questions, and network with other students

The chance to be given one of the projects I’ve built.

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