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Crystalline Lightworker – Anu Grace Download. However, if you have even the smallest spark of an idea that you might BE a Lightworker, I say — you absolute…



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However, if you have even the smallest spark of an idea that you might BE a Lightworker, I say — you absolutely are, and you deserve to make an abundant living from your work!

Crystalline Lightworker by Anu Grace,
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It’s true that not every person who spiritually awakens IS a Lightworker.

However, if you have even the smallest spark of an idea that you might BE a Lightworker, I say — you absolutely are, and you deserve to make an abundant living from your work!

Your doubts, fears, and worries about not being enough of a pure-and-holy-guru can take a hike! Your heart to help and heal is what truly matters.

There are TWO things that stop most Lightworkers from sharing their gifts and making a living from their work.

#1: They lack confidence in their ability to help others heal and awaken.

#2: They aren’t sure how to monetize their gifts and grow a business doing the work they love.

Inside of the Crystalline Lightworker, we equip you with everything you need to serve clients with your Lightwork gifts, including a full practitioner training in Angel Light Hypnosis as well as the strategy and systems you need to attract clients and grow your business.


Your Crystalline Lightworker Experience Includes…

Angel Light Hypnosis Practitioner Training …a centuries-proven healing modality & Divine Business Strategy Training everything you need to start & build your Lightwork Empire

Beloved Goddess…

It’s time to create abundance with your spiritual work and sacred service! 

You KNOW you have unique gifts that can impact the world, and you have a deep desire to serve others, but no matter how many times you’ve tried, you can’t seem to turn gifts into a thriving business.

How would your life change if you could make money working from home, doing meaningful, impactful work in the world?

And how would it feel to have a clear path to attracting beautiful clients you loved to work with?

If you find yourself wondering…

  • Am I good enough to do this work?
  • Do I have what it takes to build a business? 
  • Can I really make a living doing spiritual work?
  • Should I keep my day job and just pursue my true calling on the side?
  • Is it even ok to charge for my Lightwork?

Then it’s time for you to RISE and claim your birthright to SHINE!

Whether you’re struggling in a job you hate, tired of riding a financial rollercoaster, or just know that your Lightwork is meant to be shared far and wide in the world…this is the place for you. 

Turn your passion for helping others into a prosperous healing business!


YES! This is the perfect training for you.


YES! This training will also help you to streamline your business AND learn one of the most potent modalities on the planet to support your clients.

Inside of the Crystalline Lightwork vortex you’ll:

  • Get crystal clear on who you want to serve and how you can help all of the people who are awakening during these challenging times
  • Learn a beautiful skill that is unique in the world…See hp sales page copy about alh and add to copy…
  • Easy to follow 3 step recession-proof sales strategy that will get you clients
  • Learn to put together an offer that is of highest service to your clients that will have them lining up to work with you and start selling right away



You’ve heard it millions of times: “If you really want to help people, shouldn’t your spiritual work come from the goodness of your heart? Why complicate it with evil money?” 

In our world, the goodness of your heart doesn’t pay the bills! 

You need money just to live! Nobody, not even the most selfless servant our world has known survived without it. 

Here’s proof: Even Mother Teresa, a saintly servant who “lived in poverty” was far from poor! She traveled all over the world in private planes, and her inner circle was filled with world leaders, politicians, celebrities and dignitaries who regularly gave immensely generous contributions. She had absolutely no lack! 

If she were poor, she couldn’t have made the impact she had, without having tons of money to do it with. Poor people can’t help anyone because they are so wrapped up in their own struggle and pain! 

It’s time to break through this myth!! 

Let’s create a new reality for you filled with endlessly abundant possiblity.

You CAN have an abundant life using your divine gifts, serving others, and doing what you love!! 

 Imagine what life would be like to….

  • Go to work in a divine state of euphoria, completely excited, motivated, and thankful for another day
  • Get letters from people telling you how much you changed their life with your divine service
  • Know that you’re 100% supported by the Angels and Universe 
  • Replace your salary and be able to quit your soul-sucking job (if you wanted to) all by selling your divine, sacred work! 
  • Check your bank account and find you have an abundance of money left in the bank even after you’ve paid all your bills — you’d be able to trade in your Prius for a Tesla!
  • Doesn’t just imagining it feel soooo good?! 

I know that right now believing that this could be your life isn’t easy. You’ve tried so hard, and it still hasn’t worked, but I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you can create this life for yourself. How do I know?

For years, I struggled with money…

Believe it or not, I wasn’t born a rich entrepreneur. Growing up, I struggled with money. A lot. And as an adult, I became a genuine charity case. 

I was a single mom with two boys, and was stuck paying my ex’s debts when he left the country. 

I had to constantly scrape together money for rent and food. 

Often my mom had to bring us groceries so we could even eat. It was hell!

But when the Angels and the Universe revealed my calling I listened and started my business. 

In 2007 I moved to the US to study psychology. 

At that time, 95% of my work was face-to-face one-on-one sessions and group training, so I had to leave my Lightwork and Angelic Light Hypnosis business behind in Finland…or so I thought. 

About a 6 months after my big international move, I started to wonder if it was possible to do a healing session over the phone or on a video call.

Remember, this was long before we were all working from home and having video calls with our friends and family every day!

I was delighted to find out that my client sessions were wonderful and equally powerful. 

My work was just as potent online, and I didn’t think that was possible! 

I was able to do more sessions and serve more clients online than I ever had before. 

As the 2008 US economic recession hit, my lightwork business experienced a major turning point.

While other businesses were having a hard time, lightwork and online businesses started to thrive. 

I hit a boom in my business. Suddenly, I saw what was possible. I got serious about my online business strategy, marketing, and growing my Lightwork Empire. 

Now, I serve women globally from the comfort of my dream home while making multiple six-figures a year. 

I’m inviting you to step up and serve with me on this sacred mission. 

You are fully supported.

You are divinely guided.

You are ready to SHINE your light!

Divine Goddess, aren’t you tired of:

  • Feeling like you have so much to share, and yet hiding your gifts and playing small
  • Giving away your healing talents for free…and then clocking in to a job you hate to pay the bills
  • Putting off living your dream life and fulfilling your purpose for ‘tomorrow’

And you want to:

  • Bring hope and healing to others
  • Help people feel valuable, important, and supported in their lives
  • Liberate people from the struggle and pain of life
  • Inspire others to dream, wonder, and create wealth in their lives

Then you need to make a shift…

How much longer are you going to ignore the call to serve deeper and rise higher? 

How much longer are you going to put yourself and your dreams aside? 

How much longer are you going to keep getting in the way of the universe and the angels who are trying to help you?

It’s time to CLAIM your divine calling!

I shifted from poverty to abundance, from heartache to joy, from insecurity to owning my goddess gifts and living a life of fulfillment by devoting myself to my calling.

Why Angel Light Hypnosis™?

Angel Light Hypnosis™ (ALH for short), is an ancient Atlantean healing modality that was practiced in sacred dream temples. The method that you will learn inside of the Crystalling Lightworker is modernized and potentized to allow you to bring the healing and restorative benefits of ALH to people through long-distance and online hosted zoom sessions.

Through ALH, you’ll learn how to bring your clients into a deeply relaxed state, temporarily raise their vibration into a very high, 7D healing frequency, and then guide them as they discover divine support for their most pressing issues. 

Clients may meet their own angels or receive support from the archangels during their sessions with you. It’s even possible for them to meet deceased loved ones and other star beings as you advance in your ALH mastery.

After a session, your client’s vibration will come down a bit from the extremely high healing frequency, yet they will shift into a higher state naturally now and remain more connected with their soul, higher self, and angels. 

After all, raising our vibration is what ultimately creates healing and ascension on Earth! 


  • Manifest miraculous money and attract new clients in business — creation happens at the speed of light when you’re on the angelic plane of manifestation.
  • Meet loved ones in the angelic realm for ‘psychic therapy’ as you have hard conversations and work through tough issues that seem impossible to manage in the human realm.
  • Release karmic bonds, cords, and vows that are keeping you from living a fulfilling life full of prosperity, pleasure, and happiness!
  • Find love, a twin flame, or a soul partner without having to weed through a bunch of ‘duds’ before you meet!
  • Deeply heal trauma and release drama in relationships as you destroy toxic soul contracts and find your soul light again.
  • Unlock new worlds, dimensions, and mystical support as you meet unicorns, mermaids, and other Light Helpers who can help you in your everyday life.
  • Ignite your own divine magic, purpose, and passion.
  • Create your dream life! The possibilities are limitless! No experience with angels? Not particularly psychic? Not a problem! Because of the Crystalline Encoding inside of this modality, you don’t have to be wildly psychic to get your clients mind-blowing results. I’ll show you how to hold sacred space that automatically calls in the angels and gives you and your clients the answers they seek.

How I Discovered Angel Light Hypnosis™

As I began to journey with my clients through their past lives in Atlantis, angels began showing up during sessions. At first, I was startled — this wasn’t the way past life regressions were ‘supposed’ to be done! Then, I accepted and embraced these divine beings’ help.

To my delight, many of my clients enthusiastically agreed to meeting their guardian angels and receiving messages from the angels. 

One by one, I saw my clients transform even more powerfully than before and realized that I had discovered a modality unlike any other ‘past life’ regression therapy I’d ever seen.

It was then that I was shown the ancient dream temples in Atlantis and how this healing hypnosis method had been used to help people for centuries. 

By taking my clients into a deeply relaxed state, we were able to profoundly access their subconscious, their higher self, and their soul. Through these three paths we met unborn children, shifted old stubborn mindset patterns, remembered forgotten gifts, and manifested soulmates!

Seeing my clients activate their highest potential, connect to their soul missions, and connect with the Angel’s World was life changing. I knew that I was being called to teach other Lightworkers about this modality!

Using ALH, you’ll feel absolute confidence in bringing your clients into their highest light vibration and guiding them to:

  • Manifest their dream home, job, or romance
  • Make major life shifts and decisions that will honor their soul
  • Release old wounds and sabotage patterns keeping them in pain & poverty 
  • Activate divine abundance and wealth creation
  • Work through difficult relationship challenges
  • Release drama with their spouse or ex
  • Forgive their parents for old ‘wrongs’ and trauma
  • Bring their soul into an ‘angelic conference’ with someone else to solve relationship problems
  • Work with their higher self in their everyday life
  • Create soul level healing around love, money, and purpose
  • And so much more!

The angels are available to help every one of us with any earthly matter.

Through ALH you’ll access the power of working with the Angels and show your clients how easy, loving, and high-vibrational healing really works!




How this Training Works…

This divine training is delivered to you LIVE in three phases. 

First, you’ll activate your Lightwork gifts, learn the Angel Light Hypnosis method, and get confident in hosting client sessions. 

Next, you’ll integrate your sacred work into a strategic, streamlined business. 

Finally, you’ll awaken every area of your life to supercharge your new Empire of Light!


After this module, you’ll know exactly how to enter the Angelic realm with your clients to help solve their most pressing problems — for permanent change and lasting vibrational shifts! Even if you’ve never hosted a coaching or healing session before, you’ll be able to raise your client’s vibration and create beautiful breakthroughs for them as you master the Angelic Light Hypnosis method. If you have never done any type of lightwork before, or worked from home using zoom. You will learn it right here. 


In this module, you’ll deepen your Lightwork technique to learn the art of therapeutically guiding and coaching your clients & exploring the multidimensional possibilities that Angel light hypnosis™ can offer. With the tools of Light Energy Healing and the activation of your own Crystalline golden light, you’ll be ready to serve at your highest level. You will discover healing technique from the beginning and you can start using it with clients right away.


In order to fulfil your purpose, become a client magnet, and create raving fans in your business…you’ll need to not only SEE the bigger picture but also understand the energy that will manifest that vision into reality. We will tap into the Crystalline DNA of your business. In this module, you will connect with your Soul Clients and really get deep into knowing WHO your client is and WHAT you will offer them. We’ll create a solid business strategy based on LOVE and LIGHT so you’ll feel like the universe is serving up dream clients on a silver platter.


It’s money time! In this module you’ll receive my signature 3X Crystalline Launch formula for building an audience and making an income online with your Lightwork. I will share strategies that will get your calendar booked with clients and even allow you to scale to 6-figures! With this step-by-step plan, you’ll turn your followers and fans into recurring customers that keep your revenue growing and flowing!


Now that you’ve got your MODALITY and your STRATEGY, it’s time to rewire your life to create abundance on every level of living. From your money mindset to designing your dream life, we’re covering it all. By the end of this module you’ll have a 5-YEAR VISION for your business and fully understand what you desire in your relationships, love life, family, and more. You will take a step to fully embrace your divine role as a Light leader! When YOU are fully supported, your clients will feel that too. So let’s dive in and design a lifestyle that is prosperous and full of luxury (your way), service and love!

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