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Double Edged Fat Losas – Kareem Samhouri Download. Burn Fat Two Times Faster… Or More… Using This Doctor Created… Real World Tested Method That Liter…



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$147   $20 – Double Edged Fat Losas – Kareem Samhouri

Burn Fat Two Times Faster… Or More… Using This Doctor Created… Real World Tested Method That Literally Retrains Your Muscles To Borrow Up To 278% More Calorie Burning Energy From Your Body… And Discover How You Can Get Started In…

Get the Workouts – Learn The Methods: Double-Edged Fat Loss 2.0 Is HERE!

Simply put, Double Edged Fat Loss 2.0 is the ONLY program specifically created to give you the best of both worlds: immediate gratification, and long-term education.

First and foremost, when you invest in the DEFL 2.0 system, you’re going to instantly gain access to not one, not two, but EIGHT completely DONE-FOR-YOU, doctor-designed body transformation workouts based on the cutting edge principles of Neuro Fat Loss Training – workouts that will have you losing more fat in the next 30 days than you’ve probably lost in the last 30 months – guaranteed.

But it doesn’t stop there.

You see, when I created Double Edged Fat Loss 2.0, I wanted it to be different. Sure, Neuro Fat loss Training is the epitome of “cutting edge” when it comes to fat loss information today, and the done-for-you workouts I’ve included in this powerful system are without a doubt worth the price of the entire package ten times over by themselves…but here’s the thing:

Instead of just giving you workouts to mindlessly follow, I want to empower you with the knowledge and know-how to then be able to create your OWN fat-annihilating workouts for the rest of your life.

And within Double Edged Fat Loss 2.0 Education Center, that’s exactly what I’ve done.

You see, when you take advantage of the DEFL 2.0 Deal of a Lifetime today, not only are you going to get an unstoppable set of unique fat loss workouts guaranteed to deliver crazy results to you and your body over the next 30 days, but I’m also including immediate access to 12 full-length fat loss webinars in which I’ll teach you and educate you with every single piece of information you’ll need going forward to create and design your own insanely effective fat burning workout plans just like I do.

Essentially, I’m GIVING You The Fish And TEACHING You To Fish—All In One!

You know the saying: “Give a man a fish and he eats for a day. Teach a man to fish and he eats for a lifetime.”

And that one simple truth is the premise I created Double Edged Fat Loss on: Empowerment.

Curious to see what Double Edge Fat Loss has to offer?

Check out the video below for a “sneak peak” of the Double Edged Fat Loss 2.0 Members Area (You will be blown away):

I wasn’t lying when I said my sole goal in creating this package was to overdeliver and give you EVERYTHING you need to know change your body, gain unstoppable confidence, and remain fit for a lifetime!

And In Case You Didn’t Catch It All In The Video, Here’s EVERYTHING The Entire Double Edged Fat Loss 2.0 System Includes:

The Double Edged Fat Loss 2.0 Neuro Fat Loss Workout System

8 Done-for-You Fat-Blasting Doctor-Designed Neuro Fat Loss Workouts with Printable Workout Logs (Value $197)

With the nervous system at the root of the programming, these doctor-designed workouts will have you losing fat faster than anything you’ve ever done before by drastically increasing the metabolic effectiveness of each and every set, rep, and exercise you do.

Get ready to unleash the power of Neuro Fat Loss Training throughout your entire body as you experience the accelerated results that only strategic nervous system training can provide.

800+ Video Exercise Database (Value $247)

While the adjacent image shows 800+, we’re actually closing in on nearly 1000 exercise videos at the current point in time because I’m literally always updating it to make it better and even more comprehensive. That’s just the way I take care of my customers!

The entire database is arranged by goal and/or body part so you get to visually see exactly how to perform each exercise correctly, with guided, specific instruction. And with nearly 800 exercises to choose from, I guarantee you’ll never be bored again!

The Double Edged Fat Loss 2.0 Education Center

Module 1: The Fat Loss Workout

“Lose Fat Permanently”

Learn how to build the ideal fat loss workout. In this module, you can expect to learn about the key components to building a fat loss workout, how each component works, and why other methods are less successful. Additionally, you’ll learn how to permanently change your metabolism, ultimately leading towards long-term results

Module 2: Strength & Conditioning

“Save time, build muscle, boost your metabolism.”

Building strength is an essential component to losing weight. Muscle = your metabolism, so it’s time that you learn how to properly build muscle without bulking, and without having to spend hours in the gym at a time. This module will teach you how to modify any workout for increased strength benefit, while also showing you how to keep the intensity up and not spend forever resting between exercises.

Module 3: Open vs. Closed Chain Exercise

“Functional training, burnout sets, & more exercise in less time.”

People talk about ‘Functional Training’ all the time, but do you really understand what that means and how to incorporate functional training into your workouts? This module is going to teach you which exercises reap real-life benefit, which ones help you look good (but nothing more), and how to know whether or not you’re placing undue stress into your joints while exercising. By the time you finish with this module, you’ll have what it takes to build a gym program that works many muscle groups at once, incorporates exercises that give you benefit in daily life, and burns out every muscle group by the end of the workout so that you squeeze every ounce of results possible out of every exercise that you do.

Module 4: Power vs. Plyometrics

“Build explosiveness, cross-train for better fat loss results, improve gym performance.”

Power training is a great way to stimulate muscle fibers you never knew you had. It’s fun, it’s a great way to mix up your workouts, and it improves your performance on fat loss workouts by cross-training you to become more capable with every exercise you do. However, most people don’t understand the difference between Power & Plyometrics, and they don’t know how to properly utilize each form of working out to get the best results. This module will teach you how to properly build a power-based workout, how to properly build a plyometric-based workout, and how to choose between the two to more quickly accomplish your fat loss goals.

Module 5: The Secret Ab Formula

“You’ll Have The Power To Choose The Body Of YOUR Dreams!”

Have you ever wondered why some people get six pack abs and others don’t when they work out? Are you just hoping that your belly will disappear some day and that you won’t have to tuck it into your pants when you get dressed? In this module, you can expect to learn exactly what it takes to get six pack abs, or exactly what it takes to just shave down and look great. When you finish with this module, you’ll realize that you’ve had the choice all along, and you’ll now have the power to choose the body of YOUR dreams.

Module 6: Glorious Glutes

“The specific formula for building a better backside.”

You’re not the only one who wants a nice, firm butt. Let’s be honest: Who wouldn’t want a better backside? In this module, I’ll teach you exactly what you need to know in order to build a better tush, transform your body into one that ‘fits right’ when you try on pants, and train for results when this is your goal. No more hoping that your workouts will shave down your backside – it’s time that you know what works and what doesn’t!

Module 7: Postural Strengthening

“You’re Going To Know How To Modify Your Workouts To Improve Your Posture, Based Upon Your Specific Needs.”

Improving posture has many benefits, including decreased chance of injury, improved endurance, faster fat loss results, and greater self-confidence. In this module, I’ll teach you exactly what you need to know in order to customize your exercise program for your postural deficits, how to properly assess your own posture, and why “sitting up straighter” is never going to work

Module 8: Exercising Around An Injury

“Lose Fat While Injured.”

Resting while injured is about the worst thing you can do. However, resting your injury is a necessity to heal. In this module, I’ll teach you how to understand which exercises help you heal, which exercises delay healing, and how to modify a workout so that you can lose fat while injured.

Module 9: Muscle Balancing

“Balance Muscles In Your Body For Rapid Fat Loss Results & Avoiding The Dreaded ‘Plateau Point’ That Most Fitness Programs Hit”

Muscle balancing leads to decreases stress on joints and improved strength outcomes with your workouts. However, knowing how to properly balance your muscles is challenging… or at least it used to be! In this module, I’m going to teach you the top 3 mistakes people make when working out that lead to plateauing in the gym, creating tendonitis, and losing everything they’ve worked for. This is avoidable, and I’ll show you how.

Module 10: To Bulk or Not To Bulk

“You’re About To Know How To Modify Any Workout You Want To Build Size Or Avoid Bulky Muscles – Your Choice!”

Some people want to get huge. Others don’t. It’s amazing when you learn the exact same exercise can have either effect. In this module, I’ll teach you how to build size when you want to, and how to avoid bulking while building strength if that’s your goal. Once you know this information, you’ll be able adapt any workout to your goals.

Module 11: Proprioceptive Training

“Klutzy To Coordinated In 3 Weeks”

Proprioceptive training is a fancy way of talking about ‘body awareness.’ In this module, I’ll teach you how to build better coordination, prevent injuries, and move from ‘klutzy’ to ‘coordinated’ in 3 weeks.

Module 12: Creating Your Own Workouts

“This is simple, but it’s what will allow you to get better results than any trainer in your gym. Seriously.”

It’s time to put it all together. Now that you have a thorough understanding of all components of a proper workout program, how do you decide where to begin? This module will teach you program design, exercise selection, proper rest periods, & everything else you need to know before designing your own workout programs for the first time.

Goal Achievement System

“Realize Your Goals Faster Than You Ever Dreamed!”

Setting and attaining goals takes a specific process for maximal success. Over the years, I’ve studied some of the best goal achievement coaches in the world to develop a goal achievement program that makes huge accomplishments seem easy. I want to share it with you.

Nutrition Without Dieting System

“End dieting. Eat food you like and lose weight.”

It’s human nature to crave what we cannot have. Plain and simple, caloric restriction and extreme dieting don’t work. Sure, you can lose weight, but how long will it stay off? Will you be happy? In the Nutrition Without Dieting System, I show you how to eat the foods you like, learn from the best nutrition coaches in the world, and build a healthier you, without the psychological struggle of endless dieting.

Double Edged Fat Loss Mindset Training System

“Develop the will-power to conquer your body.”

Have you ever wondered why some people are so head-strong when it comes to their weight loss goals? Does it make you feel like you’re letting yourself down by not being as strong-minded? It’s time to change this, once and for all. Developing a proper mindset for weight loss takes training… and education. I’m going to teach you how to increase the likelihood of achieving all of your goals the first time around.

Bonus Module: ‘Fat Loss Pro’

So you hit your goal… now what? I’m going to share with you the EXACT strategies I use to help my clients break through plateau points as fast as possible if they occur, usually avoid them altogether, and learn to enjoy their new bodies with less effort and more fun. In this module, you’re going to learn what leads to a plateau point in your training program, how to avoid this, and what to do if you hit one. Furthermore, I’ll be teaching you how you can transition your program into maintenance mode when life gets busy, how to ‘stack’ your periodization program, and how to skyrocket your fitness success. I know you’re going to love this one, but don’t forget to watch the other ones first!”

$147   $20 – Double Edged Fat Losas – Kareem Samhouri

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