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Feed for Speed & Power -Evidence-Based Sports Nutrition by Jon Vredenburg,
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Jon Vredenburg
5 Hours 57 Minutes
Audio and Video
Jun 08, 2018


Athletes are inundated with nutrition information from various, and often unreliable, sources daily. This recording will equip you with practical and reliable information for providing appropriate nutritional guidance, as well as evidence-based strategies for properly developing muscle, reducing fat mass, and improving recovery time.

In this recording, Jon Vredenburg, a registered dietitian with more than 20 years’ experience working with professional athletes and active individuals, shares his knowledge of sports nutrition to help your clients attain their goals. You will sort fact from fiction as it relates to performance nutrition by reviewing the latest evidence regarding meal planning and dietary supplementation. Real-life case studies will be reviewed throughout the recording so you can understand on the same day how evidence-based guidelines are put into practice – includes information on special populations, such as vegetarians, gluten-free dieters, and diabetics. In addition, you walk away with a wide range of field-tested meal-planning strategies to help bridge any nutrition-related performance gaps that your clients may be experiencing. Get the knowledge you need to help your clients feed for power and speed!




  • Macronutrient metabolism during physical activity: how food turns into fuel
  • Assessing nutritional status in athletes
  • How nutrition optimizes training adaptations
  • Redefining ‘healthy eating’ for athletes


  • Methods used to estimate calorie needs
  • Understanding the latest research on carbs and protein
  • A review of the macronutrient requirements for athletes:
    • power sports
    • endurance sports
    • high-intensity sports
  • Vitamins and minerals – analyzing the evidence on athletes’ requirements


  • Fluid and electrolyte balance during physical activity
  • Developing appropriate protocols for health and performance
  • Managing hydration in extreme conditions
  • Sports drinks vs. water – how to decide which one to use


  • Body composition analysis methods and interpretation
  • Nutritional strategies for muscle development and body fat reduction
  • Is there an ‘ideal’ protein for building muscle?


  • What to eat for fueling productive workouts
  • Recovery nutrition guidelines
  • Is there really a ‘window’?
  • Practical meal-planning hints and strategies
  • The role of nutrition in injury recovery
  • Sport-specific evidence-based guidelines:
    • Including: baseball, basketball, football, running, soccer, and more
  • Eating well when away from home


  • An inside look at the industry
  • How to interpret available research and make an informed decision
  • Online resources for dietary supplement evaluation
  • How to decode a supplement label
  • Overview of popular sports nutrition supplements and review of the evidence:
    • Muscle building supplements
    • Endurance enhancing supplements
    • Weight management supplements


  • Mindy Black, MS,RD,CSSD,CPT,
  • Team Dietitian, Jacksonville Jaguars
  • Alicia Kendig, MS,RD,CSSD, Sport Dietitian, United States Olympic Committee
  • Katy Meassick, MA,RD,CSSD,LD/N,ATC, Team Dietitian, Cleveland Browns
  • Michele Macedonio, MS, RD, CSSD, LD, Team Dietitian, Cincinnati Reds


  • Additional nutrition considerations for working with the following groups:
    • Persons with diabetes
    • Vegetarians
    • Gluten-sensitive
    • Older adults
    • Children
  • Recognizing the warning signs for eating disorders


  • Working with coaches and support staff to improve nutrition habits
  • Athlete-tested and Dietitian-approved recipes
  • Dining-out guide for the calorie-conscious
  • Meal planning resources and shopping lists
  • Sports nutrition education methods and strategies
  • How to identify properly credentialed sports nutrition practitioners


  • High school football player that wants to ‘bulk up’
  • College soccer player dealing with body image issues
  • Endurance athlete that has ‘hit the wall’
  • Basketball team manager needing meal guidance for the road
  • Professional football player navigating the dietary supplement aisle


Jon Vredenburg, MBA, RD, CDE, CSSD, LD/N, ACSM-HFS Related seminars and products: 1

Jon Vredenburg, MBA, RD, CDE, CSSD, LD/N, ACSM-HFS, is a Registered Dietitian with over 20 years of experience providing nutrition services to people in all walks of life. He consults for athletes, training facilities, fitness centers, and colleges throughout the state of Florida and has also served as a team dietitian in the National Football League and Arena Football League. In addition, Mr. Vredenburg manages nutrition and fitness programs for active adults in the north Florida area.

Mr. Vredenburg is a Board-Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics and a Certified Diabetes Educator. He is a contributing writer to many national publications, and has been featured on television and radio for his work with professional athletes. He is a certified Health Fitness Specialist through the American College of Sports Medicine and served on the Florida Governor’s Council on Physical Fitness. Mr. Vredenburg has been a featured speaker for countless professional and community organizations, discussing the importance of nutrition as it relates to health and human performance. Mr. Vredenburg’s command of the subject matter, vast experience, and sense of humor help him lead programs that are both informative and engaging.

Speaker Disclosures:

Financial: Jon Vredenburg receives a speaking honorarium from PESI, Inc.

Non-financial: Jon Vredenburg is a member of the American Association of Diabetes Educators; American College of Sports Medicine; the American Diabetes Association; and the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

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