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Get Over Your Partners Past Fast – Zachary Stockill Download. A Step-by-Step Blueprint for Overcoming Retroactive Jealousy and Gaining Clarity and Peace of…



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$397   $50 – Get Over Your Partners Past Fast – Zachary Stockill

Get Over Your Partner’s Past Fast

A Step-by-Step Blueprint for Overcoming Retroactive Jealousy and Gaining Clarity and Peace of Mind About Your Partner’s Past

Do you feel overwhelmed by painful thoughts of your partner’s past relationships and/or sexual history?

Do you feel “stuck”–suffering from constant, or obsessive “mental movies,” curiosity, or anxiety about your partner’s past?

Are you interested in learning how to overcome retroactive jealousy, move forward, and gain lasting clarity and peace of mind?

Then look no further–this is the course for you.

Presented by Zachary Stockill from, “Get Over Your Partner’s Past Fast” is the most popular and effective online course designed to help you regain control over your brain, block painful thoughts, curiosity, and “mental movies” when they come up, and give you all the tools you need to overcome retroactive jealousy–for good.

Designed and hosted by the author of the popular guidebook Overcoming Retroactive Jealousy: A Guide to Getting Over Your Partner’s Past and Finding Peace, this 9+ hour series of step-by-step video lessons combines transformational techniques in psychology and personal development with time-tested “brain hacks” and practical exercises designed to help you put retroactive jealousy behind you as quickly, and painlessly, as possible.

If you’re suffering from retroactive jealousy, know this:

You are not alone.

My course is effective because I’ve been in your shoes. I’m well aware that retroactive jealousy can be hell, and how it easy it can be to “trigger” more painful thoughts and questions….

Based on years of research, countless interviews with fellow sufferers, and my personal experience, I created “Get Over Your Partner’s Past Fast” with the full knowledge of what it’s like to suffer from RJ.

So in my course, you won’t find more triggers, more empty platitudes (“You should just get over it!”), or new-age fluff…

Instead: if you take the work seriously, stay dedicated and persistent, and complete all of the exercises, you’ll get results.

Real, tangible results, like:

  • the tools to block “mental movies” whenever they come up
  • a new ability to deal with triggers, and potential trigger-situations
  • a personalized blueprint for overcoming retroactive jealousy which you can put into practice immediately
  • practical knowledge of how to deal with unwanted painful thoughts, anxiety, and unnecessary curiosity
  • and most importantly: real clarity and peace of mind about your partner’s past, maybe for the first time…ever

My course has helped hundreds of men and women from all over the world gain clarity and peace of mind, save their relationships, let go of the constant curiosity and “mental movies,” and beat retroactive jealousy for good.

Watch unwanted thoughts about your partner’s past fade away as you gain increased self-confidence, enjoy a happier and healthier relationship, and move forward in a life free from retroactive jealousy.

Gain the clarity, perspective, and peace of mind you need.

Join hundreds of men and women who have overcome retroactive jealousy with the help of “Get Over Your Partner’s Past Fast.”

Course Curriculum

Section I: Introduction

  • Welcome! Things are about to get much better… (Really) (4:36)
  • Your Exclusive Discount on One-on-One Coaching with Zachary Stockill (2:14)
  • Before we begin…

Section II: The Situation

  • Understanding retroactive jealousy (18:31)
  • Mailbag: Success stories (aside from mine!) (10:19)
  • Assessing your partner’s past: Does it matter? (13:07)
  • Overcoming Retroactive Jealousy: Guided Meditation #1 (19:59)
  • Optimal perspectives (16:54)
  • Believing in yourself (9:59)
  • Retroactive jealousy is a gift (… Yes, seriously) (9:48)
  • Jealousy and insecurity (11:37)
  • Beware bad advice (8:06)
  • Overcoming Retroactive Jealousy: Guided Meditation #2 (16:17)

Section III: First Steps to a Solution

  • Practical steps to get “out of your head” (10:57)
  • Setting intentions: “turning pro” (10:11)
  • How to cope with and accept reality (15:55)
  • Overcoming Retroactive Jealousy: Guided Meditation #3 (10:53)
  • Letting go, moving forward (13:32)
  • Stop talking (7:36)
  • Smashing the pedestal (13:00)
  • Challenging insecurity (12:27)
  • Creating a new self-image (15:00)
  • Dealing with triggers (8:54)
  • Overcoming Retroactive Jealousy: Guided Meditation #4 (22:03)

Section IV: Cultivating a present mind

  • Practicing mindfulness, cultivating presence (18:21)
  • Learn basic meditation (live demonstration with yours truly!) (11:56)
  • Overcoming Retroactive Jealousy: Guided Meditation #5 (16:39)

Section V: Next steps to freedom

  • Practicing observation–what, when, and how (16:33)
  • Cultivating a healthy body–optimal diet and nutrition (13:05)
  • Absorbing positive influences (10:53)
  • The most powerful writing exercise in the world (10:30)
  • Forgiving yourself, moving forward (12:38)
  • Overcoming Retroactive Jealousy: Guided Meditation #6 (15:35)

Section VI: Conclusion and review

  • Dealing with setbacks and bumps in the road (6:31)
  • Wrapping it all up (3:58)

Bonus: OCD and Retroactive Jealousy

  • What is Obsessive Compulsive Disorder? (17:10)
  • “How do I know if I have OCD?” (6:10)
  • Four Steps to Freedom (30:55)

Bonus: Beyond retroactive jealousy

  • Rebuilding the relationship: early stages (18:43)
  • For the guys: What do women want? (13:39)
  • For the guys: Spending time with other men (7:35)
  • The #1 key to an amazing sex life (12:10)
  • 5 Books Every Retroactive Jealousy Sufferer Should Read (7:23)
  • 5 (More) Books Every Male Retroactive Jealousy Sufferer Should Read (7:07)

Bonus: Student Q & A

  • “How do I stay present during sex?” (9:44)
  • “I beat retroactive jealousy… now what?” (5:31)
  • “What are your views on sex? Is sex always meaningful, or not?” (16:25)
  • “What makes me special to my partner? How am I any different than their exes?” (12:07)
  • “What should I do if my partner has more sexual experience than me?” (10:36)
  • “My wife wants to talk about my RJ. What should I do?” (5:18)
  • “What positive things about my partner should I focus on instead of RJ?” (6:45)
  • “How do I make peace with my own past?” (10:43)
  • “How do I know if my partner’s past is a ‘dealbreaker?'” (18:54)


$397   $50 – Get Over Your Partners Past Fast – Zachary Stockill

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