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R1 has made me stronger, especially in my shoulders, arms and abs; taught me some new (and cool) skills; and surprisingly relieved elbow discomfort that I sometimes get from tennis. The cool down has also been great for my shoulder range of motion and to ward off any shoulder discomfort.

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Gold Medal Bodies - Rings One

Gold Medal Bodies – Rings One

Rings One has been discontinued—sorry you missed it! If you want to learn more about why we stopped selling this program, click here.
And if you’re looking to build full-body strength and control, Integral Strength is a good option. And even though we’re not selling this course anymore, we do have a ton of great FREE resources on using gymnastic rings.

Nothing builds solid, stable shoulders and upper-body strength like gymnastic ring training.

GMB Rings One is an intermediate-level program for building basic gymnastic ring skills and getting very strong.

Build Solid Strength & Control on Rings

Learn to Perform Strict, Controlled Muscle-Ups

Develop Strong and Healthy Joints and Ligaments

Build Reserves of Strength for Any Task

Rings One provides 3 to 6 months of the safest and most comprehensive introduction to strength training on gymnastic rings available online, covering basic holds and strength exercises that systematically build your foundation for more advanced skills.

Jay Halpern

Jay Halpern

R1 has made me stronger, especially in my shoulders, arms and abs; taught me some new (and cool) skills; and surprisingly relieved elbow discomfort that I sometimes get from tennis. The cool down has also been great for my shoulder range of motion and to ward off any shoulder discomfort.

Are You Ready for Rings One?
Rings One is the Perfect Introduction

to Gymnastic Ring Training

rings curriculumIf you’re like most people who will stumble upon this page, your first exposure to gymnastic rings was seeing them in the Olympics and admiring the strength and physiques of elite gymnasts…

But let’s get real:
Your chances of jumping up on the rings and busting out an iron cross are nil. Rings are hard. Damn hard.

Which is why you’re here. Since we first released Rings One back in 2010, rings have gained a lot of popularity for general fitness, and now you can see them hanging in a lot of commercial gyms.

Unfortunately, they’re still damn hard, and without expert guidance, trying to use them can be an exercise in frustration.

Our head coach, Ryan Hurst, created Rings One to translate his gymnastics background into a program you can use for general fitness without having to take up gymnastic sport.

Don’t Let Common Misconceptions About

Rings Hold You Back

If you’re already familiar with the benefits of ring training, there might be a few things holding you back from diving in and getting stronger than you’ve ever been:

You think rings are dangerous

Poppycock!* Read here as our resident physical therapist dispels this old wives’ tale.

You think rings are expensive

You can find a cheap pair of rings online, but compared to a weight set or a gym membership, even our favorite premium rings are a bargain.

You think you don’t have enough room for rings

Here’s an article we wrote with tons of ideas for hanging your rings.

You think rings are just for gymnasts

R1 was designed specifically for trainees with ZERO prior gymnastic or rings experience.

Nothing Builds Strength Like Gymnastic Rings

When you learn to use them properly and build your skills with the right foundation, you’ll find that training with gymnastic rings offers some benefits you just can’t get otherwise.
Here’s what rings have to offer:

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Nailing a solid muscle-up or displaying stability in an L-sit make you look and feel like a badass. With proven progressions and an adaptable rep scheme, you’ll be able to keep making consistent progress towards clean, strict muscle ups and the R1 flow routine.

Best of all, you won’t have to struggle with a program that was either designed for child gymnasts or requires strict adherence to a “perfect” schedule. R1 makes ring training accessible for everyone.

Our coaches have worked with thousands of recreational and pro athletes, and our clients span all ages and backgrounds, so we’re able to translate the benefits of gymnastic ring work to non-gymnasts.

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Don’t Get Stuck –Programming Designed for Continual Progress without Stalling

Unlike some programs that give you a single workout to repeat forever, GMB recognizes that you’ll require different strategies as your strength and skills develop. That’s why Rings One includes four program phases, each building on the previous one to keep you making consistent progress.

Plank Exercise on Gymnastic Rings

Phase 1
Strength Development

Strength is the foundation of increasing your movement capabilities, so R1 begins by building your strength in the basic movements everything else is built on.

Shoulder Mobility for Gymnastic Rings

Phase 2
Skill Development

As you continue building strength, Phase 2 introduces more skill focus and complex movements that will ingrain new motor patterns, developing balance and agility.

Dip Exercise on Gymnastic Rings

Phase 3
Flow Acquisition

Once you’ve developed the basic level of body control to execute each skill, we begin building combinations that offer even greater challenge and stimulation.

Leg Raises on Gymnastic Rings

Phase 4
Flow “Mastery”

After several weeks of strength and skill practice, you’ll work to smooth out the transitions and cut down the rest time for more efficient applied movements.

Great Programming Gets Great Results

It’s more than just instruction – Rings One is a complete guide to strength and skill with Gymnastic rings.

We know that providing great information isn’t enough on it’s own. After all, the internet is loaded with info, but here you are looking for something more organized and easier to use.

Expert Instruction

Crystal clear video and detailed text describe every exercise

Regressions and variations let you find your own level

Every day and week is planned in detail with extensive explanations and FAQs

GMB Course Platform

Supplemental Materials

Works on any desktop or mobile internet device

All tutorials are downloadable

Printable charts detail each day’s training plan

Our coaches and support team are always just a click away

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Here’s what a few of our clients have achieved with Rings One:

Ricky Salinas

Ricky Salinas

I purchased Rings 1 and 2 and although I’m still in Rings 1 I’ve had a drastic change to my body in two months. Your program tied to a good diet has let me drop around 7 lbs of fat and I wanted to thank you for it.

Colin Coppard

Colin Coppard
Former Marine
United Kingdom
Rings One has totally changed how I train

Rings One has totally changed how I train. You have taught me how to correctly train to gain strength and for my body to move naturally and flow from one movement to another. And at the same time I am learning some absolutely fantastic skills.

My muscles are more solid than ever and so strong. My core strength is better than it has ever been. As you can see from my photo, I used to be a Royal Marine Commando, so I was always fit anyway… but the rings are pushing my muscles and skills more than any Marine circuit!

Lastly, a very important aspect is that this ring training is so much fun!!!!!! I have never enjoyed exercise so much in my life.

Systematically Build the Essential Strength & Skill Foundation and for Gymnastic Ring Training

Formidable upper-body strength and stability…
Impressive skills like slow, strict muscle-ups…
Conscious control of each and every muscle in your body…
Strong joints and ligaments and healthy, mobile shoulders…

Though R1 is scheduled as a three-month training cycle, you’ll have lifetime access to all the materials, so even if you can’t start immediately, or if you need to take things slow, that’s just fine. You can start when you want and take as long as you want. Your membership includes all future updates.

Rings One will make you stronger,


Give R1 an honest try. The fact is, if you do the work, you’ll get results.
After the first four weeks, if you’re not measurably, noticeably stronger, we don’t want your money.

Send us an email, and we’ll give you a full refund that you can put towards a gym membership or a weight set. You can see all the details here.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve also taken the liberty of including the answers here, since the questions aren’t very enlightening on their own ?

What equipment is required?

What moves will I learn?

Am I too old? Too inexperienced?

How long do the R1 workouts and program take?

Is R1 a good program for women?

Will I build muscle on R1?

Can I combine R1 with other training programs?

Are gymnastic rings dangerous without coaching?

Ryan Russell

Ryan Russell
Arkansas, United States
The combination of strength and skill provides fun and motivation

I’ve thought about emailing or calling Ryan and you guys to thank you for your dedication and work you put into this program. I’m really enjoying rings as opposed to mindless weight lifting, etc., which i didn’t do regularly anyway. I’ve been doing R1 novice and am in my third week of phase 2.

I’m getting a lot stronger and look forward to my workouts. I have always been an athlete, but have recently needed motivation to train. This has been perfect, as I’m 36 and have a family of four with a wonderful, but busy life. R1 allows me to get a good workout in less time. I have no gymnastic experience and am grateful for how well this program fits my lifestyle.

The combination of strength and skill provides fun and motivation. I’m still working on the flexibility part, my chest and shoulders have always been tight. My upper body looks and feels solid since starting this program.

I’ve tried different exercise regimens like weight lifting and P90X, the first one being boring as hell, and the other leaving me drained with not much to show for it.

I used to get sore and lay off for a while, but I’ve learned that my body needs more recovery time, and I have to eat enough calories for muscle growth (just something I’ve learned about myself. You always hear that stuff, but have to experiment on your own).

This program seems perfect for me to meet those needs like nothing I’ve done before. I’m looking forward to getting these rings up in the air more so I can continue progressing. I’m gonna have to get creative.

Additionally, I was able to take my workout with me by hanging rings from a nearby tree when we went to the beach on vacation.

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