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Longevity Marketing System 2 – Dave Kaminski Download. So I quit. I quit doing everything the gurus were teaching. I quit doing what everyone else was doin…



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So I quit. I quit doing everything the gurus were teaching. I quit doing what everyone else was doing. Shoot, I quit doing everything I had been doing.

Longevity Marketing System 2 by Dave Kaminski,
Salepage link: At HERE. Archive: http://archive.is/pwWPU

If You’re Not Achieving The Results You Want Online Then Keep Reading…

I started doing business online back in 1994. I’ve sold a lot of products, both physical and digital. I’ve made a lot of money. I’ve lost big chunks of money too. I’ve made a lot of mistakes. And I’ve learned a lot of hard lessons.

But the most important thing I ever learned was back in 2005…September 14, 2005 to be exact. That’s when I had two websites…both earning six-figures annually…practically disappear overnight. The traffic was suddenly gone. The money was suddenly gone. I was left staring at my screen thinking “WTF?”.

What happened was that all of my traffic was coming from sources I had no control over. And sweeping changes had hit the Internet marketing world (as they often do). I had no backup plan. Nothing in the pipeline. And there was no miracle product out there that would solve all my problems.

So I quit. I quit doing everything the gurus were teaching. I quit doing what everyone else was doing. Shoot, I quit doing everything I had been doing. And I started testing my own ideas and strategies with one goal in mind…total control…to never be at the mercy of the Internet again.

This testing has continued on for the past 11 years.  And to be honest, some of the stuff I’ve tried has failed spectacularly. But some of it has worked…and worked really well. So much so, that the strategies I developed have become the ONLY things I use for all of my own sites, for all of my clients and for every site owned by family and friends.

I Call It The Longevity Marketing System and I First Told You About It 3 Years Ago

I call it the Longevity Marketing System because unlike all the fads and gimmicks being pushed (where you maybe make a few bucks before your web site dies), with this system you build legitimate online businesses that actually grow bigger and more profitable year after year…regardless of what comes and goes on the Internet. In other words, you achieve longevity online with it.

For example, I used an early version of Longevity Marketing to launch WebVideoUniversity.com back in 2008. It went from a brand new web site with zero visitors…that no one had ever heard of…to 6-figures in sales the very first year. And the 7 years after that? Each year has been even more profitable than the last…all while I work less and less.

Or take the web site I referenced in the headline at the top of this page (the one with the red line through it). $241,973 in sales by making just 18 blog posts to a single web site. That was all done using the Longevity Marketing System. Why did I put the red line through it? Because that was 3 years ago.

Since then, by adding only 12 more blog posts to the site, the sales have risen to $785,350. Full-disclosure though…numbers like that don’t happen overnight. And I don’t mean to imply that they do. You have to work the system…over time…to enjoy success like that (the key words being work and over time). 

But The Other Reason For That Growth Are The Changes I’ve Made To Longevity Marketing During The Past 3 Years

A lot of very SMART changes – so many that I now call it the Longevity Marketing System 2. Changes that allow you to work even less, profit even more and become even more bullet-proof to all the fluctuations on the Internet. In fact, I’ve completely updated every part of the system. But it’s core principles have remained the same.

For example, you still do not need any experience to use the Longevity Marketing System. If fact, the less experience you have the better off you might be. I say that because Longevity Marketing goes against the grain of just about everything you’ve probably heard about Internet marketing. For instance, has anyone ever told you to make just 3 blog posts a year? I will and you’ll learn exactly how this technique can bring in more traffic and sales than 3,000 blog posts a year.

Longevity Marketing still has nothing to do with software or tools…it’s actually a mind set. Let me explain. When most people hear about a “marketing system” they immediately think it requires some type of special software or plugin or whatever. Longevity Marketing is not software, it is not a plugin and it is not some other type of “tool”. Instead, it’s a paint-by-the-numbers training course…a blueprint or recipe of the specific steps you need to take to build a bullet-proof business online. That means a business where you don’t need to rely (or be at the mercy of) anything else or anyone else. Where you are in complete control of your business.

You still don’t need to be a video person. Since I am a “video guy” most people assume they need a bunch of video related stuff to use Longevity Marketing. You don’t, not if you don’t want to. Remember, I started developing this system in 2005. Web video didn’t even really exist then (YouTube was still in it’s infancy). So don’t stress about any video stuff. With Longevity Marketing, you can use video or not…the choice is up to you.

What you do need is patience and a positive attitude. That means if you think you’re going to get rich quick or that this is some type of sneaky formula that will outsmart Google, then the Longevity Marketing System is not for you. This system is 100% about building a legitimate business that grows bigger year after year and is immune to all the crazy stuff that happens on the Internet. To achieve that takes both patience and the belief that if you work the system…it will work for you. If you’re looking for underground shortcuts or a magic button (which by the way don’t exist), once again this system is not for you.

You will also need to watch every lesson in the training, from start to finish. And the Longevity Marketing System 2 is big. It contains nearly 8 hours of step by step video lessons. It’s easily my most detailed course yet. If you jump around or skip parts of any lesson, you can miss very valuable information. This training is 100% web video based. You can watch the lessons as much as you want, whenever you want, from both desktop and mobile devices.

Save Yourself a Mountain of Time and Money By Tapping Into My Two Decades of Experience Online…

In addition to teaching you step by step how to use the Longevity Marketing System 2, I also include multiple “bonus” lessons about what you really need to know what it comes to doing business online.

For example, I share with you how to test any product idea…and know with 100% accuracy if it will sell or not…in less than 48 hours. This is probably the #1 issue people have online. They don’t know what will sell, what won’t sell, when to walk away or when they have a home run waiting to happen. This problem is solved…and solved fast…with this special technique I developed for Longevity Marketing 2.

Or how about the best way to get traffic fast (and free) when launching a new site? Again, with Longevity Marketing 2, I’ll show you a very simple method that can take you from zero to thousands of visitors in a single day. Yes, a single day. It doesn’t cost you anything. You can use it over and over again. And it has nothing to do with affiliates or JV partners (though it will help you develop profitable relationships with other web site owners, in addition to the immediate traffic).

Or how about building email lists that have 4 times the engagement of typical email lists? That means 4 times as many people will open your emails, read your emails and buy your products. I lay out for you the exact…and I mean exact…steps to make this happen. There’s no guesswork for you. It’s a simple email funnel anyone can use and it just works.

Or how about how to:

  • Properly setup simple sales funnels that actually work (without confusion, pulling your hair out or using expensive and complicated software)
  • When and when not to use WordPress for maximum results (if you’re using WordPress to run your entire empire or plan to, you’ll need to see this)
  • The only 3 traffic sources you’ll ever need to target (actually, you only need one…but the other two can give you a big boost)
  • The ONE thing you need to start doing with your best content right now (no one in the Internet marketing world has ever told you to do this…but I am…and it’s critical to your success)
  • How to come up with great product ideas when you don’t have a clue what to sell (or have never sold anything, or have no special skills, or aren’t particularly good at anything)
  • How to enter a market as a virtual unknown and become a go-to authority (this is my favorite because Longevity Marketing 2 makes it so easy to disrupt existing competition)
  • Plus much, much, more (nearly 8 hours of step by step video lessons)

Longevity Marketing 2 Is All New, From Top to Bottom

Every component from the original Longevity Marketing System has been re-visited, re-tested, re-tweaked and reborn. It’s all fresh, all current and all proven to work.

Numerous new strategies have been developed, tested, proven to perform and added to the system. Strategies that speed results, free up more of your time and give you even more control over your traffic and your profits.

Nearly 8 hours of brand new, step by step video lessons. Easily, the largest, most detailed and most thorough course I’ve ever produced. It’s a big course. And it’s worth it.

And all you have to do is simply follow the recipe I lay out for you in the training. A recipe designed with total control in mind…where you can make more money each and every year, while working less each and every year…and all without having to chase after shiny pennies, blow money on the next big thing or waste your time and money on gimmicks that disappear in just a few months.

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