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Pathways to Mastery – Aaron Fisher Download. Do you want to be a better card magician? Do you want to acquire new insight into card magic? Do you want to l…

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Do you want to be a better card magician? Do you want to acquire new insight into card magic? Do you want to learn from one of the best teachers in magic?

Pathways to Mastery by Aaron Fisher,
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“Aaron has shown great knowledge on the history and theory of magic. He uses this information and his experience of performing to effectively teach and convey this knowledge to others. Since spending time with Aaron, I have improved on my sleights and understanding of the principles behind the construction of good magic. Having feedback and knowing that the information I am being taught is reliable has improved my confidence. I am now able to start applying those principles to other situations and effects.” – Dan Andrews, Horsham, England

“Every time I have a lesson with Aaron I come away inspired, more confident, more knowledgeable and a better magician.” – Andrew Hillcoat, Glasgow, Scotland

“A lot of people in the magic world have great knowledge they share, but it really takes someone special to have the knowledge of how to teach. I really do believe Aaron has that special talent – to get people from where they are to where they want to go. It’s really a phenomenal thing.” – Jimmy Vee, Orlando, Florida

“Since beginning lessons with Aaron, my magic has grown tremendously. He has really changed my technique for the better. He has a knack for seeing exactly what I’m doing wrong, and explaining the solution in a clear way. He has changed the way I look at presenting magic, and I am on the way to becoming to a true performer. He takes the time to make the lessons mine, and is willing to help me learn what I want to learn. In just a few months, lessons with Aaron have really changed my magic for the better.” – Frank Jiruska, Evanston, Illinois

“Aaron’s teaching has made me better at the things I want to be better at, his honest insight has made me aware that there is a logical development in learning sleight of hand. Most important, his mentoring and friendship has shown me that I do have the ability to accomplish my card magic goals. Thanks Aaron!” – Tim Mech, Toronto, Canada

“Aaron Fisher’s lessons rank with the best magical instruction I’ve ever seen. Like a hip college prof coaching his students for finals, he teaches both moves and theory, helping all magicians to reach the next level.” – Jerry Dunn

Do you want to be a better card magician? Do you want to acquire new insight into card magic? Do you want to learn from one of the best teachers in magic? If you answered “Yes” to these questions, you will want to be part of Aaron Fisher’s Card Magic: Pathways to Mastery, a monthly course offered by Penguin Magic via digital download. The course is designed to make you a better card magician whether you are a novice or an experienced professional. Each monthly lesson will last approximately 40 minutes. Not only will you learn some great magic, but you will acquire fundamental skills to improve your overall card magic technique. Aaron Fisher, creator of “Panic,” “Machine” and the bestselling book Paper Engine, is one of the top teachers in magic having taught thousands of students through lectures, seminars and interactive, on-line coaching. If anyone can improve your card magic and make you a better magician, it is Aaron Fisher.

Since you will be spending the next 12 months with Aaron, let’s let Aaron explain…

From Aaron Fisher

Hi, I am Aaron Fisher and I hope you will consider subscribing to this exciting new online course I have developed and am presenting through Penguin Magic.

Here is what I will do. I will provide you with my insights and methods for learning the foundational techniques of card magic whether you are an amateur or a skilled professional. My approach is unlike anything you’ve seen before. I will show you how to break down each technique into a series of carefully planned stages, so that you not only learn magic but you learn how to practice for maximum growth. If you follow my methods and devote yourself to this course, you will see results –you will be a better card magician, period!

Here is what you need to commit to. If you opt to subscribe to my course, you are making an investment of time and money. You want to be better. You want to get something from this course. So watch each episode. Take this seriously. Commit to doing the exercises and to thinking about the topics discussed. There is a chat board for subscribers where you can discuss each lesson with fellow students. This course will make it so that ANYTHING you buy, read, or learn in magic will yield greater results. You will simply be a better magician if you commit. We’ll have fun, we’ll see growth in your technique and we’ll see results. Your investment means a lot to me, so I want to ensure you get your money’s worth.

If you simply want some cool new tricks or moves, this is not for you. Spend your hard earned money on something else. But, if you want real insight on fundamental tools that will make ALL of your magic better, if you are serious about magic, I personally guarantee that there’s no better way to spend your money.

Questions and Answers:

You may ask yourself– why Aaron Fisher as my teacher?

  • I’ve been a professional magician and trained actor for over 20 years.
  • I’ve received mentorship and training from some of the greatest magicians of all times such as Michael Skinner, Larry Jennings and the great Johnny Thompson. I can bring YOU what these masters taught me.
  • I’ve given hundreds of talks, lectures, seminars and classes to thousands of magicians all over the world. I likely have more teaching experience than most in our field.
  • I have a passion for seeing card magic done right.
  • I love watching people develop news skills they never thought imaginable.
  • Over the past few years, I’ve been using my online training program with amazing results. I’ve watched my students get better and better, so I know it works. This is not a pipe dream. If you ever talk to any of my many students, simply ask them.

What can I expect?

  • Each month for a year, you’ll receive a robust video download approximately 40 minutes designed to give you the most comprehensive training available today on a specific area of card magic. A few years ago I did an online class on the double lift that was seen by thousands and received numerous accolades. Well-posted magicians advised that this short class fundamentally changed how they looked at the common double lift. It made their work on this one sleight much better. With my course you will get an even deeper version of this same experience on a wide range of sleights, handlings, and performing strategies.
  • You’ll get plenty of powerful tricks but make no mistake, my primary goal is to train you in the very best methods available. If I can help you make the basic tools already in your arsenal significantly better, you become better, magic progresses and we all win.

How does the course all fit together? Do I need to take the complete course.

You can certainly watch any individual lesson, but I believe to get the maximum benefit, you should take the time to go through the entire course. Over the years I’ve tested hundreds of techniques with hundreds of students, and I have developed a set of tools that will enhance your card magic technique, and it will take less time than any other approach out there. Your time is valuable and I will give you the most bang for the buck. I’ll share with you a powerful learning technology– exercises and examples that allow you to make steady, fast and reliable progress toward mastery. You don’t need a large collection of sleights. You do need a group of techniques that work together and the skill to combine them. That’s why I feel you need to learn how to combine all of what I will teach you. I’ll show you only the essential moves in each category and then train you in the many ways these tools combine to deceive, then amaze an audience.

The Material (Syllabus may change slightly):

Med students are forced to learn basic human anatomy before beginning a specialty. Medical educators know it’s essential to understand a system as a whole before you begin to focus deeply on any one area. Card Magic works the same way. This course has been set up in two parts, composed of six lessons each.

During the first six installments of this course, you’ll be trained in the foundational techniques and concepts of card magic:

Part 1: Foundation for Miracle

In the first half of this course, you’ll discover how to combine a deceptive, natural shuffle with forces, reverses, switches and handlings to create a powerful system of card control. Whether you’re just starting out, or you’ve got years of experience, you’ll find the unique details and concepts presented here will more than pay for the price of this course.

The Shuffle System will train you in the essential skills and concepts required to control a selection to any position in the pack without arousing the slightest suspicion. You’ll learn why performers are most vulnerable during this part of the effect – and what you need to do to make sure you never get challenged at this crucial point in the process.

Essential Forces and Handling will provide you with an arsenal of essential techniques you’ll use virtually every time you perform magic. You’ll discover why the precise methods you use for the spread, the riffle and dribble have such an important impact on the overall effect of your magic. And more important, you’ll find out how paying special attention to these skills now – plays an essential role in your eventual ascension to master level card work.

Fundamental Switching and Construction shows you how to switch cards right before the nose of your audience, using fundamental, profound techniques of attention management. You’ll find out how your powers of controlling, forcing and switching cards can create a variety of clear, powerful effects – to the amazement of your audiences.

Astounding Reverses accomplish powerful methods and astonishing effects. Secret reverses can do anything, from forcing cards to switching one packet for another. You’ll be trained in the very best methods for mastering the essential reverses. You’ll also discover the ultra important technique of ‘blocking’, a practice which will allow you to take techniques from the practice room, to confident live performance in record time — and acheive superior results.

Double Lifts and Turnovers reveals revolutionary techniques that will allow you to quickly master the most popular, least understood sleights in magic. Through a series of simple exercises, you’ll not only master the many smaller skills a seamless turnover requires, you’ll gain the confidence to execute them flawlessly in front of any audience. This lesson will change the way you look at the double lift, and all sleight-of-hand, forever.

False Counts & Flourishes & Connectors round out the first half of the course with essential techniques we can’t forget – including an in-depth tutorial on flawless false counts, and a workshop showing you the easiest ways to master essential card flourishes. You’ve developed your skills. Now you’ll be trained in the effective ways to display skill in performance – without sacrificing any of your magic’s true potential.

Part 2: Expert Card Technique

Now that you’ve built a strong foundation, discover how advanced techniques can help you create the most powerful, direct effects you can imagine. In each lesson below, I’ll lead you through the complete practice process for a expert level technique. You’ll see that the mastery of any sleight goes through several distinct phases, and how knowing that fact, and using those steps in your practice process, makes learning must fast, and much more effective. Finally, in each lesson, you’ll get new applications you can use to practice your new skills and dazzle your audiences.

Classic and Invisible Passes begins your journey to the higher reaches of mastery with a lesson in The Pass, known for centuries as the backbone of all card magic. You find out why The Pass was so important, and despite rumors to the contrary, why it still is today. Separate the fact from the fiction, and arm yourself with the most profound technique in card magic. This one sleight has a greater transformative effect on my students than any other.

The Gravity Half Pass from my book, “The Paper Engine”, has never appeared on video before now. it’s the most direct, seemingly impossible method for invisibly reversing any number of cards. You’ll learn why this technique is the method preferred by card experts around the world — and how to make your own rendition invisible from every angle and imperceptible under any conditions. You’ll also be armed with stunning applications and effects that demonstrate the power and utility of this awesome technique.

Masterly Feats of Palming introduces you to some of the most challenging and rewarding techniques in card magic. Because palming creates effects that can’t be duplicated effectively by any other method, palming is simply one of the most useful skills you can master with cards. I’ll show you how to palm any number of cards from either the top or bottom of the deck without arousing the slightest suspicion.

Side and Diagonal Steals will show you how to take you palming mastery one step further, by letting you palm any number of cards, in either hand — from any position in the pack. Now you won’t have to shuffle or control your cards to steal them from the deck – you’ll merely take the cards from wherever you find them, and re-produce them when you wish. I’ll introduce you to the core details of the palming system i’ve developed over two decades. You’ll be amazed at the details you discover – and the miracles they let you accomplish.

Advanced Switches allow you to switch cards or groups of cards in super direct ways. That means less process — and stronger reactions. We’ll start with an in-depth tutorial on the Top Change. You’ll be surprised to see how easy it really is. Then I’ll show you a valuable collection of switching techniques you’ll use to perform an infinite number of dazzling effects.

Advanced Handling wraps up the course with more advanced techniques and applications that will take you skills to higher levels – and give you new concepts to amaze your audiences. We’ll also talk about how to take your learning further, and offer you serious suggestions for next steps in your own development.


I’ve spent a lot of time explaining what you can expect so you can make an informed decision. I want you to subscribe only if you are serious about being a better card magician. Together we can create results that you will see. Let’s recap what this course will provide:

  • 12 downloadable 30-60 minute lessons over 12 months, arming you with techniques from 12 essential skill categories.
  • Secret techniques and details that, until now, I’ve only shared with personal students.
  • Cost effective. This new platform allows in-depth teaching at a fraction of the cost of personal lessons.
  • Not just get a collection of moves, but a cohesive, overall system of the card technique – a set of tools that allows you to perform any effect better.
  • You gain not just the skills and effects, but the understanding and confidence it takes to become a master magician.
  • Get the best teaching available in magic today. This approach and these methods have transformed students all over the world.
  • You’ll get powerful applications, effects and techniques that I have used to make a living.
  • When you commit to developing your overall approach to card magic, you’ll avail yourself of stronger, more direct effects than you ever imagined.

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