Ryan Rigney – FBA Traffic and Funnel Mastery

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Ryan Rigney – FBA Traffic and Funnel Mastery

Ryan Rigney – FBA Traffic and Funnel Mastery

Picking a Channel and Building a Schedule
 Managing and Amplifying Your Content

Going all-in on one channel (to start)
You are likely a business run by 1 or 2 people max. You have limited time, and a limited budget. Your effort and marketing budget will be better spent on maximizing and becoming an expert in just one channel instead of trying to take on everything at once.

Lifetime support – Download unlimited when you buy Ryan Rigney – FBA Traffic and Funnel Mastery Course at [GB]esy. The market leader in online learning – Offers a variety of diverse topics: Internet Marketing, Forex & Trading, NLP & Hypnosis, SEO – Traffic, …

Once you are profitable: I encourage you to pick one primary social channel, and devote 10% of your profit to building that channel. I’d also encourage you to outsource the work because building a team to help will make you more consistent with content, & will allow you to focus on new products and growth.

Going all-in on one channel (to start)
Here are your best options for driving consistent organic external traffic:

  • Instagram
  • Facebook Groups (pages require paid ad spend now, engagement is terrible otherwise)
  • Pinterest
  • Guest Blog Posting
  • Youtube
  • SEO Optimized content on your own blog

I’ve personally only relied upon #s 1-5 for my businesses, with Youtube being a very minor traffic source I’ve experimented with. I’ve only worked with a handful of influencers on Youtube and do not have a youtube account for my Amazon related business.


For my primary Amazon Business:

  • My primary business is in the health and wellness niche, and is very visual based. That’s why I focus on image based platforms — Instagram and Pinterest.
  • My marketing budget and efforts are 100% dedicated to Instagram currently, however I still utilize the content from Instagram on Facebook & on Pinterest without any additional labor or effort (more on that soon).
  •  As you know, I pay a VA to work 20 hours per week, post two posts per day, organize collaboration contests, and reach out to small influencers.
  • My budget goes to product giveaways and overhead

The important aspects of Instagram marketing:

  • Consistent quality of posts,
  • Building real engagement
  • maintaining relationships with people who engage (so they continue to engage)

Quality posts that perform:

  • Always ask a question in the description and prompt your followers to comment.
  • 5-10 related hashtags can help your engagement slightly by triggering bots to comment or follow you. With that said, hashtags do not make much a difference anymore.

Create a schedule and find a way to stick to it:

  •  Set a schedule and post at least once per day.
  • When you are starting and do not have original content, you can use images from other larger accounts and influencers.

(Generally, as long as you provide attribution to their account they will allow you to make these posts and use their content.) Once you start working with influencers, it is very easy to build up a massive library of posts that feature your products.

Facebook Groups

For the course you are a member of:

Facebook Groups are an excellent source of free traffic.

Get Ryan Rigney – FBA Traffic and Funnel Mastery download

  • I launched my course using just free, organic Facebook Group traffic, and grew my audience to ~2,000 members without paying for any reach.
  • I drove membership growth using a free product launch funnel. This is called a “lead magnet” because it incentivizes people to request to join.
  • My eComm business does not have a Facebook Group, but you could employ a similar

This does work for eComm businesses. Here are some niche examples that I know are HUGE in Facebook groups:

  •  Parenting
    Example Lead Magnet: 10 Things First-time Parents Should Know.
  • Pet health
    Example Lead Magnet: 10 Tricks to Boost Your Dog’s Lifespan by up to 30%.
  • Veganism
    Example Lead Magnet: All new members get a free (vegan product) for joining (you could run a free+shipping funnel)
  • Cryptocurrency
    Example Lead Magnet: FREE GUIDE – Top 10 ICOs for 2018!

Ways to increase the rate of member growth:

  • Run polls and ask questions.
  • Run random giveaways on posts, require a comment to enter.

 The more people interact on your group, the more Facebook will have your group appear as a suggested group for people scrolling their newsfeed.

What to do with these members?

  • Once they join the group, require them to opt-in (provide email or click a ChatBot link) to receive the free guide.
  • Provide the guide, and then transition them to an indoctrination email sequence.
  • Because groups are currently favored by Facebook, anything you post will pop to the top of your member’s newsfeeds very easily.
  • Important note: DO NOT notify Facebook that your group is associated with a business. If they ever ask you in the future or require you to provide that information when creating the group, say it is for personal use. Facebook does not like to provide free organic reach to businesses…

Lifetime support – Download unlimited when you buy Ryan Rigney – FBA Traffic and Funnel Mastery Course at [GB]esy. The market leader in online learning – Offers a variety of diverse topics: Internet Marketing, Forex & Trading, NLP & Hypnosis, SEO – Traffic, …

‘Launch Products and Get Reviews with Ease by Building a Real Brand and Cultivating a Raving Audience of Buyers.’ raffic Generation?

Five IMPORTANT Reasons:

  1.  You can rank products by selling to real customers (no paid launch services);
  2. You can contact your audience to launch new products;
  3. You can build customer loyalty and cross-promote new products;
  4. You can increase your brand’s valuation by building an audience;
  5. You can drive sales whenever you’d like, and stay on page 1 more easily.

Are you understanding the power of controlling your own traffic?


  • Learn how to Master Facebook Ads: I reveal the most important aspects of Facebook Advertising that you need to know. No fluff or “filler” material.
  •  Launch Products and Boost Rankings: Build up an audience that you can launch and relaunch products to.
  •  Get Reviews: To get reviews, you need real customers you can contact. These methods will give you that ability.
  •  Master ChatBot Marketing for Amazon Sellers: ChatBots are absolutely the most powerful marketing tool Amazon sellers have at their disposal today.  Communicate instantly with your Amazon customers via Facebook messenger. This gives you the ability to boost sales with the click of a button. You can use ChatBots to build an audience, launch products with a tsunami of traffic, get repeat customers, and build up your reviews.
  •  No more giveaways to career deal hunters. No more review groups.  Give your product to customers who are actually interested.


Here’s what you get when you enroll today.

This is not just another Amazon seller course where you get access to a handful of generic videos with zero support. Courses like that are a dime a dozen (in reality, they cost $1,000 or more). I’m not going to spend more time taking pictures of my cars or sales than I spend helping my students. That’s bogus.

25+ Videos &

$3,000 Value

This is not a newbie course. I am not going to teach you how to source products, or how to apply barcodes. There are hundreds of youtube videos and free resources out there to help you with that.

What I will show you is how to structure a brand, how to optimize your listings, how to get as many sales on those listings as possible, and how to  build an audience that you can use again & again.

I’m creating this course because this content is not taught, but is extremely important.


$1,000 Value

Network with other course members. Access to this group is limited to people who actually take this stuff seriously, and because you’ve invested in my course, I’ll be there very frequently. My goal is to build a group of highly motivated sellers who take action.

Weekly Office hours

$4,000 Value

Get in touch with me on a weekly basis for a group Google hangout. This will be available for a minimum of two months. (Tentatively setting this for Sunday evenings.)


I am giving you access to every strategy I use to build my eCommerce business.

The foundation of this course is a series of detailed powerpoint slides and videos that go into more detail. In addition to the content already generated, I will take your questions and weekly discussions to make more content.

This is a course that grows and changes over time, and you have access to that expanding library of content forever.

25+ Video Lessons

60+ Hours Of Content

Powerful Modules




Every Monday I conduct a live Q&A session in our private Facebook group. Every session is recorded and added to the course video library. When you join you have access to all past office hour recordings.



Need more help? Make a request and I’ll shoot a video or write up a tutorial just for you. I’ll add this to the course content and make it available to everyone (with private information removed).


1-ON-1 Skype Call + eMail Support

With your course comes with:

1) one 30 minute session of one-on-one via Skype video chat

2) up to one hour of eMail support where I answer questions with video responses

This will help you get through any tricky issues with your ads, chatbots, or products.

This bonus may not be available when/if the course re-opens.

Lifetime support – Download unlimited when you buy Ryan Rigney – FBA Traffic and Funnel Mastery Course at [GB]esy. The market leader in online learning – Offers a variety of diverse topics: Internet Marketing, Forex & Trading, NLP & Hypnosis, SEO – Traffic, …


1 HR

Implementation (1 Week) + one-on-one consultation

  •  Branding on Amazon
  •  How to Make Intelligent Product Decisions (Product Selection)
  • Conversion Rate Optimization Tricks
  •  Maximizing your Customer Lifetime Value
  •  Customer Services & Automated Emails (JUICY!)
  •  Brand Pages (Best Practices)

Module 2 – Organic Optimization

45 Minutes Implementation (1 Week)

  • Picking Keywords with Tools
  • Optimizing Listings for Amazon Rank
  • How to Optimize for Third Party Traffic


120 Minutes Implementation (3-4 Days)

  •  Facebook Advertising Essentials
  •  Pixels and Conversion Events
  • Campaign and Adset Breakdowns
  • Advanced Audience Creation, Specifically for FBA Sellers (Save Thousands with this Knowledge)
  •  Using Your Customer Lists
  •  Adsets & Advanced Targeting
  •  Ads for Amazon Sales with Examples
  •  Breaking Down the Data
  •  Automation Rules (For Scaling and Controlling Spend)

Module 4 – Launches & Funnels(Chatbot mastery included)

120 MinutesImplementation 8-14 Days

  • How to Set-up Your First Landing Page Based Funnel
  •  How to Set-up Your First ChatBot (ManyChat) Funnel
  • The “Review” Funnel that I Use to Get Tons of TOS Compliant Reviews
  • Aggressive First Page Launch Strategy 1 (Chatbots)
  •  Aggressive First Page Launch Strategy 2
  •  New ChatBot Launch Strategy with a 96% Success Rate
  •  Secret Method to Get Full-Priced Sales the 8-Figure Sellers are Using
  •  Flows for Lifetime Customer Loyalty (Chatbots)
  •  Viral Informative Video Funnel
  •  Advanced Amazon Ranking Tricks (ranking for long-tail & more)
  •  Contest Funnels
  •  Retargeting Funnels

Module 5 – Evergreen Marketing Skills

120 Minutes

  •  eMail Marketing Flows, Suggested Tools
  • Messenger Flows and Menu Setup
  •  Structuring a World-Class Social Media Strategy on a Budget
  •  How to Use Social Media for Physical Product Promotion

Module 6

External Channels

120 Minutes

  • Setting Up Shopify
  • Third Party Sales Channels (How I Added $8,000 per month to my sales)
  •  Focus Discussion

Module 7 – Time Management & Scaling

65 Minutes

  • Tools I use to Work Less
  • Tools I Use to Manage People
  • Setting Goals & Tracking Progress

Module 8 – EXTRA VAULT

  •  Trademark & Legal Stuff
  •  Funnel Inspiration
  •  Ad Inspiration
  •  Google Adwords for Promoting Amazon Products
  •  Using Facebook Groups to Launch Products
  •  Over 20 recorded live Q&As from my Monday meetups!

Buy Now & Access:

  •  A video & PDF library of the most advanced FBA training available to help you sell more products on Amazon. No beginner fluff here.
  •  1-on-1 Coaching Time: Use it whenever you need it for the first two months.
  • A private student’s only Facebook mastermind group, with access to myself and other seven figure Amazon FBA sellers.
  • Weekly live Google Hangout Q&A on Mondays for one hour.
  • Lifetime access to future updates & new videos.
  •  30 Day Satisfaction guarantee. Get results, or get a refund. That’s how I do business.
  •  Work with someone (me) who cares about your success. I’m not dumping you off a plane in the middle of the ocean without a paddle–I’m there rowing with you.

Get Ryan Rigney – FBA Traffic and Funnel Mastery download

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