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Self-Hypnosis and Personal Alchemy – James Tripp Download. Back when I was originally learning NLP, one of the ideas that struck me most powerfully was ‘pe…



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Back when I was originally learning NLP, one of the ideas that struck me most powerfully was ‘people work perfectly’ – we are perfectly set-up in to generate exactly the results we get (both in terms of experience and outcome) with complete perfection.

Self-Hypnosis and Personal Alchemy by James Tripp,
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Foundational tools, techniques and skill-sets for self-facilitating profound personal transformation!

Hi There

This is James Tripp, and welcome to this information page for the Hypnosis Without Trance Self-Hypnosis and Personal Alchemy online home study programme – a deep immersion in Building an Embodied Technology for Personal Transformation!

Back when I was originally learning NLP, one of the ideas that struck me most powerfully was ‘people work perfectly’ – we are perfectly set-up in to generate exactly the results we get (both in terms of experience and outcome) with complete perfection.

In fact, our mind/brain/body is so powerful in creating the unfolding of our lives (in accordance with its learned patterning and enacted through our ‘trance repertoire) that when we try to change it using conscious intention or ‘will power’ we usually find that we cannot.

Now, if you don’t like the experiences you are creating (unconsciously) or the results you are getting in life, that may not seem much of a comfort… until you realise that whilst you cannot fight the might of your collective trances, you can get into the underpinnings of these trances and transform them to be a better fit for the kind of life you want to create and lead.

The trick is, knowing how to do it! This is the art form of Personal Alchemy… and the master key to the skill-set is Self-Hypnosis.

How This Programme Came About

You really are reinventing and transforming not only hypnosis, but yourself. Your assertiveness has increased a lot. Obviously your change work works!

Mauricio Galvez – Hypnosis Explorer

Whilst I am known most widely as a Hypnosis Teacher, Coach and Changework Practitioner, many people are unaware that I initially got into ‘Mind Tech’ (Neurolinguistics, Hypnosis, Pragmatic Psychology etc) NOT with the intention of working with others, but with the sole intention of transforming myself and my ability to shape and influence the unfolding of my life.

I can trace the origins of my own journey of self-transformation all the way back to a life changing realisation that hit me in 1993. For reasons I won’t go into I was struggling with life – consumed by fear and insecurity and the sense that I was in over my head with almost everything. Things came to a head and I found myself staring starkly into what looked like a dark future when I was suddenly struck by a profound realisation…

“The world is not going to reorganise itself to suit my needs… so I’m going to have to reorganise myself to meet the needs of life.”

For me this meant equipping myself to become the primary driving force in my own life. Initially, I had no idea where to begin, but I began… began exploring different approaches, philosophies, practices… hungry to take and incorporate what worked and discard what didn’t.

One of the biggest shifts happened when I discovered NLP in the early 2000s – this springboarded me into whole new realms of Mind Tech, pragmatic psychology and profound personal transformation.

What I will say is that little of what I learnt simply worked ‘off the shelf’ – almost all of it needed hacking and rejigging or even entirely re-forming to make it work. Often I would need to ‘upgrade’ an approach by plugging in some ‘mind tech’ from a completely different discipline. Overall, there was a lot of ‘trial-and-error’ and ‘double-loop’ thinking and troubleshooting needed to get things working and get the deep transformative effects I was looking for.

In addition to this, I started working professionally with clients as a coach and changeworker in 2006. This provided an opportunity for further development as I had to figure out how to help others (whose ‘operating systems’, cognitive styles and predispositions differed from my own) create profound changes in their own lives. This meant taking much of what I’d learned from my own journey and figuring out more generalisable adaptations.

With this programme I am bringing you much of the ‘best of’ material I have exlplored with and developed over a 24 year period. To be clear, the source material for this is rich and diverse and I do my best to credit sources where I can. The reason I claim that this material is packed with understandings and approaches you will not get anywhere else is NOT because I claim to have originated it all, but because I have integrated it all and transmuted much of it through rigourous exploration and experimentation. For this reason I will emphatically state…

This programme contains deep understandings, insights and practices you will not learn from any other teacher on this planet!

My intention is that you will take it and use it in creating your OWN embodied technology for personal transformation.

Embodied Technology Vs Simplistic Stock Processes

Many approaches to self hypnosis are reliant upon stock ‘turn key’ processes that you formally apply and are claimed to lead to pretty much automatic and effortless results. The downside of these ‘solution in a box’ style approaches is that whilst they are often technically simple to apply, they ignore human individuality and complexity to the point that they, more often than not, simply do not work!

This is where Self Hypnosis and Personal Alchemy is very different – instead of teaching stock processes we focus on developing skills, capabilities and deep undestandings that enable you to work effectively with the complexity of your own psyche!

The result is the building of a personally ’embodied technology’ – a technology that exists within you and can be flexibly deployed anytime and anywhere in the cause of deep personal transformation.

The advantage of this is that, as you transform yourself, you further develop yourself as a self-transformer – a Personal Alchemist – deepening your understanding of your unique and evolving self along with your ability to manoeuvre in relation to and see deeply into that self.

Who Is This NOT For!

Self Hypnosis and Personal Alchemy is a rich programme, packed with skills, exercises and understandings for developing a truly embodied technology for personal transformation.

What it is NOT is a rigid and simplistic ‘out of the box’ process that does anything for you without any input on your part.

For this reason it is NOT recomended for those who wish to retain low levels of consciousness and simpy have something change them on their behalf. If, on the other hand, you are looking to significantly deepen you personal expertise in facilitating transformation within yourself, this programme will have a LOT to offer you that you simply will not get elsewhere.

EVERYTHING in this programme is tried and tested – it is 100% real world stuff developed accross many years of pragmatic exploration.

It is also worth noting that the focus of this programme is on transforming our patterns of response and engagement with the world – changing responses and behaviours and NOT IN ANY WAY about pain management OR working with health issues. So if it is the latter you are looking to deepen your skill with, this is not the programme for you.

Programme Content

Self Hypnosis and Personal Alchemy consists of over 14 hours of concentrated material exploring skills, understandings and developmental exercises for building embodied expertise in self change!

Audio Sessions

  • How We Create our Experience of Reality
  • The Nature of ‘Trances’ (Hypnotic Loops, Reality Tunnels, Complexes, Parts etc.)
  • The Be, Do, Have Model
  • State, Context and Your Sphere of Power
  • Tuning into Felt Sense
  • Cognitive Diffusion – “Leaves on a River”
  • Tongue Drop (Muting Internal Dialogue)
  • Trance and Identity
  • The ‘Neti Neti’ Process
  • Flow Breathing
  • Expanded Self
  • Trance Journaling and Trance Enquiry
  • Deconstructing and Reconstructing Underpinning Beliefs

Video Session 1

  • The Possibility and Nature of Change
  • Repertoires of Engagement
  • Repertoire and Stasis
  • Capacity for Change: Adults Vs Children
  • Trance as Identity
  • Depression Case Study
  • Understanding Organisation of Reality
  • Trance Collectives and Ecologies
  • Definition of Trance
  • Control vs Influence
  • Trance and the Perception of Truth
  • Art, Craft and Skill vs Techniques
  • Developing a Practice
  • The ‘Time Spent With’ Formula
  • Fundamental Competency: ‘Being With’
  • Lessons from Nei Gong and Gong Fu
  • Embodied Technology
  • ‘Trying On’ Vs ‘Listening to Agree or Disagree’
  • How Ideas Shape Experience
  • Fundamental Competency: ‘Counting’ Vs ‘Discounting’
  • Understanding ‘Difference’ as the Essence of Change
  • ‘Difference’ Case Study

Video Session 1 Continued

  • Key Concept: Facts Vs Thought
  • How ‘Truth’ Creates Trance
  • The Realm of the Hypnotist – Meaning Manipulation
  • Arguing About What Is or Isn’t So Vs Taking Charge of Your Meaning Making
  • Illustrative Example: My Fear Trances
  • Primary Skill: Witnessing Your Own Processes and Trances
  • Ideas and Autosuggestion
  • Dropping Through Layers of ‘Truth’
  • Rising Up Vs Laying Low
  • Understanding Belief Statements as Rough Maps
  • Illustrative Example: ‘Liking’ and ‘Wanting’ as Operational Concepts
  • The Korzybski Heuristic
  • The ‘Two functions of Thought’ Model
  • Side Note: Meaning Blindness and Negative Hallucination
  • The Role of Ideas in Predictive Process
  • The True Leverage Point for Personal Power
  • Understanding Physical Reality Vs Psycho Social Reality
  • The Limits of Cause and Effect Modelling
  • Unconscious Organisation of Power
  • The ‘Be > Do > Have’ Model

Video Session 2

  • ‘Black Path’ Vs ‘White Path’ Transformation
  • Trances of Self-Image and Destiny
  • Slow Evolution Vs Stark Transformation
  • Key Understanding ‘Description is Creation’
  • Magic Vs Alchemy
  • Transcending Cognitive Dissonance
  • The Psychological Nature of Paradox
  • Building Richness in New Functional Trances
  • The Trance Killer
  • Perspective Shifting… in a Variety of Different Ways!
  • ‘Movie Reverse’ – Experiential Experiment (Hypnotic Phenomenon)
  • Fascination as a Compounder of Experience
  • The Hypnosis of Consensus
  • Negating the Visualisation Problem
  • Key Understanding: Critical Faculty and Creative Faculty
  • Reversal of the Faculties for Change
  • Stepping out of Trances
  • Experiential Absorption Exercise
  • Building Skill in Absorption
  • Eye Lock Exercise – A Doorway Into New Functional Trances
  • The Hypnotist as Guide, Facilitator and Coach
  • Recognising the ‘Ideas of Hypnosis’ as Inherently Hypnotic in Themselves

Video Session 3

  • Rapid Shifts Vs Slow Shifts
  • The Developmental Perspective
  • Giving and Taking Away (Amnesia Example)
  • Hypnosis as Association
  • The Including/Excluding Nature of Trance
  • Shifting Attention to Shift Trances
  • Trances as High Performance States
  • Unhooking Self Hate and Self Judgement
  • The Blessing Vs The Curse
  • Neuromuscular Lock and the Function of Relaxation
  • Expansive Space Relaxation Exercise
  • Internal Sourcing Relaxation Exercise
  • Word Repetition Relaxation Exercise
  • Internal Sourcing Beyond Relaxation
  • Forcing Vs Allowing
  • Speaking Truth Vs Creating Truth
  • Dynamic Future Pacing
  • Nathanial Brandon’s ‘3-5%’ Manœuvre
  • Running Counterfactuals
  • Unfolding Small Change into Bigger Change

Video Session 4

  • Trance Coordinates
  • Getting to the Core of the Trance
  • Evoking the Problem Trance in Another
  • Neuromuscular Lock and Expansion
  • Compelling Personal Stories
  • Utilising the Expanded Field
  • The Reality of Embodiment
  • Breath and Trance
  • Decosta’s Syndrome
  • Elliptical Breathing
  • Softening Toxic Trances with Breathing
  • Struggling With Vs Being With
  • Positive Intention and Internal Relations
  • Parts Work IS Trance Work
  • Accessing Transformative ‘Energies’
  • The Importance of Not Forcing Process!
  • Aside: Dealing With an ‘I don’t feel it’ Objection
  • Coaching Connection Into State
  • Coaching Around ‘Touch and Go’
  • The Deep Intelligence Within
  • ‘Online’ Simple Parts Work
  • Emergence: Transformative Vs Replacement
  • Skills Vs Process
  • The Process Mapped
  • Example – Micro Hesitation Trance
  • Example – Smoking Trance
  • False Dichotomy – Hating Vs Yielding
  • Intellectual Processing Vs Felt Sense Processing
  • Allowing Unfolding Vs Hitting Target
  • Understanding Influences on the Process
  • Thinking Developmentally
  • Identifying Problem Trances
  • Deeper Into the Be > Do > Have Formula
  • Witnessing Yourself as a Trance Maker
  • The ‘Know Thyself’ Principle
  • Connection Into Self Narrative
  • The Stickiness of States
  • Trance Ecologies
  • Priming the Pump
  • Toxic Outcomes Vs Creating from Heart
  • The Truth Trap

Video Session 5

  • Felt Sense
  • Second Nature Skills
  • The Ubiquity of Autosuggestion
  • Awareness ‘Of’ Vs Awareness ‘Through’
  • Comparing and Contrasting with Felt Sense
  • Felt Sense Vs Intuition
  • Felt Sense as a SKILL to be Developed
  • Coaching into Felt Sense with Non Verbals
  • Experiment: Contrasting Felt Sense on Verb Tense
  • Felt Sense and Subtle Difference
  • Becoming a Sommelier of Felt Sense
  • Concepts and Body State Information
  • Interoceptive Processing
  • Concepts and Body States
  • Selecting Personalised Autosuggestions with Felt Sense
  • Problems of Generic Suggestions
  • Personalised Autosuggestions Vs Affirmations
  • One Word Trance Inductions
  • Priming
  • Thought Vs Thinking
  • Exploring the ‘I Am’ Structure
  • Power Vs Control Curio
  • Self Hypnosis ‘Outside the Box’
  • Shaping Hetero-Hypnosis with Self Hypnosis
  • Resonances Vs Generations
  • Capturing Your Best Self with Formulations
  • Priming the Pump of Productivity with Your Formulations
  • Being with formulations Vs Reciting
  • The Metaphor of Vibration – High Vibration Vs Low Vibration
  • Deep Trance Identification and Modelling
  • Multitasking Self-Hypnosis
  • Internal ‘Flag Systems’
  • Felt Sense – Truth Vs Impact
  • Scepticism in Intuition
  • Shifting Trance by Including More
  • Trances and Be > Do > Have
  • Trances Shifting in Parenting
  • Opening the Unwilling to Trance Shifting
  • Awakening and Enlightenment
  • Questioning Felt Sense
  • Felt Sense Shift and the ‘Ah Ha’ moment
  • Opening Up to Influence and Different Reality Tunnels
  • Personal Development Cultures and Trances
  • The Open and Closed Mind (Milton Rokeach)
  • Felt Sense for Checking Positive Intention
  • Felt Sense and Personal Power (Audience Member Demo)

Video Session 6

  • Accessing Powerful States
  • Specificity of Change
  • Finding Trance Context Coordinates
  • Calibrating to Beingness
  • Utility Resourcing Question
  • Downgrading Absolutes and Dissolving Arguments with Reality
  • Pacing and Leading Depotentiation Statements
  • Clean Third Positions
  • Evoking State Demo
  • Instructions on Facilitation
  • Soft Future Pacing
  • Trance Shifting and Problem Solving
  • Unconscious Outcome Creation
  • Voices in the Generative Conversation
  • ‘Trying On’ Mindshifting Ideas
  • ‘Working With’ Vs ‘Being Subject To’
  • Subtle Shifts and the Butterfly Effect
  • Avoiding ‘The Churchill Effect’
  • Emergent Results
  • Expanding Into A Practice
  • Testing and Troubleshooting Vs Trusting
  • Bridging Statements

Video Session 7

  • Belief Vivification
  • The Paradox of ‘Limiting Beliefs’
  • Creating New ‘Facts’
  • Working With Your Truth Mechanisms
  • The Illogicality of Subjective ‘Truth’
  • The Power of Personal Narrative
  • Inspiring Others Vs Inspiring Self
  • Reality Distortion Fields
  • Narrative Threads
  • Exemplar Personal Myth – Street Shaman
  • Communicating From a High Vibration State
  • All Trances are Identities
  • The Regressive Nature of All Trance
  • The Accidental Conman
  • Pacing Identity Change Bridging
  • Confirmation Bias
  • Using the Quality that Associates with the Identity
  • Calibrating to ‘Truth Feeling’ through Felt Senses
  • Transformational Meta Belief
  • Taking Charge of Evidence Gathering Systems
  • Living Into Your Truth
  • Personal Trance Solutions Example: Outmanoeuvring Trances of ‘Bad News’
  • How Semantics Underpin States
  • The Problem of ‘Convincing’
  • When Empowering Narratives Get Challenged
  • Smooth Engagement with Reality Vs Argument with Reality
  • Acting ‘As If’ Vs Being ‘As If’
  • Your Unshakable Truth
  • REALLY Doing The Work
  • Choose Your Narratives or They’ll End Up Choosing You
  • Patterns and Connections
  • Trances of Money and Wealth
  • Naming (But Not Shaming) Trances

Video Session 8

  • Speculative Semantic Modelling
  • ‘Semantic’ Explained
  • Formal Unconscious Signals
  • The Classical Purpose of Signals
  • Unconscious Mind Vs Outside of Conscious Processing
  • The Functionality of Working With the ‘Unconscious Mind’ Convention
  • Case Study Example: Communication of Unconscious Information
  • Non-Analytical Response
  • ‘Finger Twitch’ Group Exercise
  • Ask the ‘Unconscious Mind’ OR the ‘Part’
  • Making the ‘Yes Signal’ Do All the Work
  • Asking the Questions
  • Requesting the Signal
  • Framing ‘Positive Intention’
  • ONLY Asking Questions YOU Deeply Understand
  • How the ‘Positive Intention’ Reframe Serves
  • ‘Really Feeling It’ Vs Mechanical Processing
  • ‘Creating and Experimenting’ Question
  • Waiting with Curiosity
  • Engagement – The Relationship Between Investment and Return
  • The ‘Experiment’ Frame
  • A Brief Note on Pain Management
  • Alternative ‘Internal’ Signals
  • Seeing Trances for What They Are
  • The Trick of ‘Seeing It When It’s Happening’
  • Short Hacks to Shift Trances


Over the next week I will be releasing some more videos built around clips from the video segments of the training. In the meantime, if you have any questions regarding the content, format or approach, please do make use of the comments section at the bottom of this page!

All the very best,

James Tripp

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