The Process: A Pleiadian Perspective on Manifestation – Wendy Kennedy

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The Process: A Pleiadian Perspective on Manifestation – Wendy Kennedy Download. Many of us grasp the concept that we create our reality, but we don’t fully…

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Many of us grasp the concept that we create our reality, but we don’t fully understand the subtle nuances of energy that affect its creation.

The Process: A Pleiadian Perspective on Manifestation by Wendy Kennedy,
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Have you ever felt frustrated because you were doing affirmations, but you weren’t manifesting the things you thought you wanted?

Have you felt confused, wondering why the same patterns keep showing up in your life?

Many of us grasp the concept that we create our reality, but we don’t fully understand the subtle nuances of energy that affect its creation.

The 9th Dimensional Pleiadian Collective, channeled by Wendy Kennedy, share their perspective on the framework of creation and help you to understand many of the beliefs and perceptions that may be keeping you from manifesting your desires. Making subtle adjustments to how you think or feel about your past, the current state of things, and your desires for the future can make a huge difference in what you create as your reality.

What’s Included?

An Overview of The Process with Wendy & The Pleiadian Collective

The course kicks off with The Pleiadian Collective sharing their insights and wisdom on “The Process” or framework that all of us must utilize in creating our reality. This overview will help you to understand what we’ll be focusing on during the four weeks. If you’re someone who likes to have the big picture before examining the more intricate details then this is right up your alley.

A New Module Every Week

Every week you’ll be given access to a new module that will assist you in aligning your subtle energetic field to the frequencies of each state of The Process. The Galactic Light Codes for the course help you to move beyond old, limiting beliefs and vibrationally align to the framework of creation. The PDF worksheets help you to gain clarity on what exactly it is that you’d like to create for yourself.

Each module includes:

    • A Channeling from Wendy & The Pleiadian Collective
    • Galactic Light Code
    • Language of Light Activation
    • PDF Worksheet

Private Facebook Group

To help support you as you go through The Process, we’ve created a private Facebook group for members only. While this is optional, we’ve found that members going through our online courses love the support of community and connecting with like-minded people sharing similar experiences.

What’s Covered?

Every week we cover a new phase in the process of manifestation.

Week 1 – Recalibration 

In this first week you learn to calibrate your state of being to the frequencies you desire. This may mean releasing judgements you may have about yourself because of past experiences or beliefs you may be holding about what is possible to create because of your family beliefs or your judgements of the world in general.

Week 2 – Exploration

In week two we learn to explore life rather than to experience it with preconceived notions.

Week 3 – Recognition

It’s vital that we begin to recognize subtle frequencies. The more we recognize, acknowledge, and have gratitude for them, the easier it is to expand upon them.

Week 4 – Expansion

Often times we will allow ourselves to have an experience, but only in limited quantities. During this week, we learn to tap into the infinite abundance of the Universe.

What Are Galactic Light Codes

Galactic Light Codes are symbols that represent The Language of Light. These symbols bypass the traditional language centers of the brain and speak directly to you, the Divine Being of Light, having this physical experience. The beauty of working with the the codes is that you don’t have to “figure out” what your blocks are. The codes help you to simply align to your original, divine blueprint.

How do the Galactic Light Codes Benefit Me?

The beauty of the Galactic Light Codes is that there is nothing to “figure out”. The codes bypass the ego mind and speak directly to you, The Divine Being of Light. The codes simply help you to realign your frequency to match your original divine blueprint.

Unlike many of today’s healing modalities, you do not need to know why you may have chosen a lower frequency in the past, what limiting beliefs you are currently holding, or what needs to be “healed”. The future is generated from your current frequency. You can not change the past; you can only change your perspective of the past by altering your frequency in the present moment. The Galactic Light Codes help you to do just that.

While these codes may look rather innocuous, those who have worked with the codes have found them to be quite potent. In today’s world, we are heavily focused on the masculine energy and the “doing” state. These codes help us to work first on our state of “being” so that when we do take action, it is taken with a higher level of consciousness that supports our well-being and our service to others.

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