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Group Therapy -Effective Strategies for a Successful Group Practice by Greg Crosby,
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Greg Crosby
6 Hours 6 Minutes
Audio and Video
Nov 07, 2014


  • 10 readiness steps to establish and maintain successful groups
  • How to manage five common challenges in groups
  • Several strength-base group approaches for producing resilience and promoting group cohesion
  • Group therapy is an effective treatment with tremendous potential to help a wide variety of clients.

This workshop will describe how to create a viable group that addresses individual needs while also attending to the importance of the therapeutic properties of the group. This workshop is for group settings and will provide practical models and skills to enhance group effectiveness and increase the therapeutic qualities that are possible in all types of groups.

Watch this recording as group expert, Greg Crosby, will teach the core skills of group therapy that will enhance group treatment and create vitality and cohesiveness in your group. You will learn the steps to help clients engage in groups and improve retention. This workshop will help you think in new ways on how to link group therapy to clients’ learning styles. You will learn how to develop rituals for beginning and ending each group session and develop strategies on how to manage challenges in groups. You will be informed of the latest perspectives on co-therapy, mentoring, supervision and ethics. Greg brings a holistic and integrative view of group therapy from his diverse group practice background in a wide variety of settings. He is known for his engaging way of integrating ideas into practice through the use of case studies, exercises and storytelling.



Why Groups are Necessary and Important

  • Need for groups in 21st century technological society
  • Research on group effectiveness with clinical populations
  • Match and identify group therapies to your practice

Ten Readiness Checklist Skills to Develop a Successful Group Practice

  • Adapt skills from forming a group to final session
  • The evidence behind each readiness step
  • Special emphasis on population oriented approach

Four Lessons of Interpersonal Neurobiology and Groups

  • The brain is strongly emotional
  • The brain is interpersonal, needing safety and security
  • Group members learning styles to enhance acceptance and cohesion
  • Storytelling to improve intra and interpersonal understanding

Group Therapy and Nine Learning Styles: A New Perspective

  • Education theory of Howard Gardner to group therapy and interventions
  • Nine learning styles
  • Enhance connectedness and change in your group

The Five Stages of Group Development

  • Group stages: forming, initial, transition, working and ending
  • Understand leaderships styles in each stage
  • Four key roles that a group needs to function
  • How to integrate group process and content

Entrance and Closing Group Rituals

  • How rituals enhance the group process and treatment
  • Importance of linking and summarizing
  • Identify goals and build a maintenance plan

Five Common Challenges Found in Groups

  • Common challenges: Lack of referrals, high dropout rate, dealing with challenging group behaviors, lack of group cohesion and clinical documentation challenges
  • Therapeutic management strategies
  • Importance of intervening with the group in mind
  • How not to panic and utilize the group process

Co-Leadership and Mentoring

  • Mentoring for your first group
  • When is a co-leader needed?
  • Research on solo leadership and co-led group

Tips on How to Integrate Skills and Group Process

  • Art of integrating group process with skills
  • Pacing disclosures and skills
  • Simple, realistic and achievable goals

Ethics and Group Therapy

  • Confidentiality, boundaries and dual relationships
  • Tips on constructing group notes
  • Role of supervision/training in group therapy


Greg Crosby, M.A., LPC, CGP, FAGPA Related seminars and products: 1

GREG CROSBY, M.A., LPC, CGP, FAGPA, is a practicing therapist, trainer, teacher and consultant. For over 25 years, he was the clinical regional coordinator of group therapy at Kaiser Permanente in Oregon and Washington and is a Fellow in the Group Psychotherapy Association. Greg serves on the Board of International Certified Group Psychotherapist and also on the Human Science faculty and Art Therapy Graduate Program at Marylhurst University. Since 2004, he has served on the faculty at Portland State University in the Certificate Program of Interpersonal Neurobiology.

He has written with Jim Sabin, MD “A Planning Checklist for Establishing Time limited Groups” in Psychiatric Services and “Integrated Group CBT” with Donald Altman, M.A., LPC in Handbook of Group Psychotherapy. Greg has also published multiple other articles in the mental health field.

A leader in developing group programs, he speaks at conferences and agencies around the country. Greg brings a synthesis of models together in his therapy, training and consulting and is known for entertaining presentations that blend exercises, lectures and videos.

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