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Respiratory Distress -Assess and Respond with Skill and Confidence by Timothy R. Martindale,
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Timothy R. Martindale
4 Hours 32 Minutes
Audio and Video
Apr 17, 2020


Respiratory failure leads to respiratory distress, which leads to panic for both the patient and the clinical staff. You only have minutes to act, and failure to act can lead to poor patient outcomes. Learn the must-have skills to confidently respond to your deteriorating patients.

Have you ever been at a loss to explain your patient’s respiratory symptoms and what they mean? Are they typical of the patient’s chronic condition, or a sign of a new, acute stage or problem? Why is your patient’s diagnosis not supported by presenting symptoms or lab results? Could these be red flags of a rapidly deteriorating condition that needs your ability to intervene – and quickly?

Having a deeper understanding of the cardio-pulmonary relationship can lead to more appropriate and timely treatments, which ultimately will drive better patient outcomes. Knowing whether respiratory failure is the result of an oxygen problem or a carbon dioxide problem is a critical piece. This intense training course will provide new clinical insights and critical thinking skills, so you won’t need to feel uncertain, scared, or at risk anymore. You will leave with a clear algorithm for assessment, a means to dissect ventilation/perfusion inequalities, and a thorough knowledge of the best treatment modalities.



Respiratory Failure: Quickly Identify and Distinguish

  • Is it an oxygenation or a ventilation problem?
  • Why does it matter?

Best Approaches to Differentiate Cardiac and Pulmonary Symptoms

  • Advanced understanding of breath sounds
  • X-rays don’t tell the whole story
  • Not all edema is visible
  • Evaluating the patient’s response to therapy

Confidently Assess Respiratory Disease

  • Dig deeper into ABG interpretation
  • Tips to focus on one system at a time
  • Treatment strategies to begin as you assess

Transition the Patient from Crisis to Stable

  • Solutions to calm the panic-stricken patient
  • When lab results don’t correlate with the presentation
  • WHY is the patient presenting the way they are?

Stair-step Strategy to Determine Treatment

  • What about bronchodilators?
  • Oxygen is a drug – how to optimize oxygen delivery
  • When oxygen therapy isn’t enough – positive pressure ventilation vs mechanical ventilation

Mistakes YOU Can Prevent

  • Misinterpretation of obstructive vs restrictive disease – or both?
  • All that wheezes may not be respiratory
  • Improper treatment modalities – start simple and work up
  • Missed clues from an urgent situation – know when to call in reinforcements


Timothy R. Martindale, MS, RN, RRT's Profile

Timothy R. Martindale, MS, RN, RRT Related seminars and products: 2

Tim Martindale, MS, RN, RRT, has spent over 38 years working in healthcare in a variety of clinical settings, including respiratory therapy, critical care, med/surg, and long-term care. He has taught nurses, respiratory therapists, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants in various situations, including numerous classes on respiratory, cardiac, and critical care. Tim has particularly enjoyed presenting for the Critical Care Consortium and as an invited guest for the National Healthcare Corporation conference.

Additionally, Tim has authored a book entitled Respiratory Therapy for Nurses and has produced a series of learning videos for healthcare professionals.

Speaker Disclosures:

Financial: Timothy Martindale has an employment relationship with North Knoxville Medical Center. He receives a speaking honorarium from PESI, Inc.

Non-financial: Timothy Martindale has no relevant non-financial relationship to disclose.

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